Friday, May 6, 2016

Be Courteous Enough

This is not about election topic. There were a lot of bloggers who posted their insights and I don't want to join them anymore because I still value the thought of "taboo ". Sorry but this is just about my thought of disagreeing to a statement pertaining to bloggers.
 I've been blogging for a decade and it doesn't sound good to my ear. I am offended. As a blogger I used to read reviews about anything, you can sense if it will be truthful or just for the sake of a paid post. But if you're not a blogger don't express your opinion as if  it was a fact and to a point of sharing it to others as if it was genuinely FACT. We all have our rights to our opinion but maybe you can think of others may knew a lot better than you do when it comes to a different thing. Again as what the saying goes , if you can't say anything good or just for the sake of humiliating an opinion of the others have the courtesy to keep silent.

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