Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Love You More...

waddup?...d aq nkasulat coz ive bin bc..bc?hehehe.. im with my ever beloved one.. nice of him tlga..loveusomuch hon..mwuah.. i don't know why i always had this feeling of much concern on him.. cguro dhil lng sa i always treat him as a child..<yeah ryt..cguro nga> ive decided n i will change n for him.. ill let him be free, decide for what he wants and always support< d n q mgre2klamo> it was proven so many times n tlgang my husband was made of kindness.. un nga lng pgstay nia with me ei..Big big kindness n this guy was irreplaceble.. how i love u honey.. ill be damn good at u<in any aspects>lol.. lessen my so called tantrums.. and understand u more.. at lagi..moral support..hehehehe

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