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Friday, November 3, 2017

The Beginning of US of A Adventures


This is it! I am going to the US. It's my first international flight and feel so grateful it is in United States. I am feeling nervous, excited and the same time sad. Sad for my other teammate since there is only 2 who passed the visa application among five. Also sad since this will be my first time being away with my kids. I am excited cause it's an adventure and nervous a little .

My title is as if I am traveling for pleasure. LOL. It is all about work and wouldn't be alone if it's pleasure tho, I sure to tag along my crew (Team Arabejo) if that is!

Our connecting flight is in Japan. Good thing it's not my first time riding in a plane. :D

After all the preparation from home and procedures, immigration, baggage and everything including the flight for 4 hours, I feel like I want a breather. Good thing in Japan's airport it is possible! I need not to go anywhere. No worries of going to be late on on-boarding to the next flight.

This is so far the longest flight. I take advantage of everything available in the craft. Rest room, coffee, soda, wine beer, food that I ate; tissues, water . Duh. It's kinda boring. We experience multiple turbulence but not my concern at all. I want to go to a different place aside from my seat. Funny on this flight I was asked multiple times for my passport whenever I requested for a liquor.

After almost 12 hours on air. Touchdown Texas. Thanks G for the safe flight. But wait there's more another almost 3 hours flight going to Virginia. Since it's already midnight we stayed at Best Western Hotel.

Time to lay down the literally tired body.

Almost there. Last time to chill and setting the expectation that the following days will be a grinding day everyday!

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Adventure Starts Here


> There is a humor in the office that there are number of employees will be send to USA for a training. As usual it started as a hearsay. I don't mind anything about it. I am happy and grateful for the work that I have plus the fact that hubs and me are in the same company. I don't want to be a hypocrite to say that I don't want the experience but then again it's pure "hearsay" no formal communication.
> Then they started asking for those who have valid passport. Hubs and I are looking for possibilities of travelling abroad that's why I have one.
> Here comes the day. There are 4 reps chosen to be part of the training and need to be approved for a US Visa to go the US for training.
> Now, It's for real.. I am so much lucky to be chosen and so so lucky to have an approves Visa.
> Photo was taken the same day after consul's interview. Cannot brag the news yet since everything is in the planning stage.
> I can't thank enough hubs for driving me and being sleepless with me.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Additional to the Family


When we decided to buy a property, we are so happy that we are going to have our first ever investment. It may not be that big but still it's an investment and a fulfillment for me. Last year, I received this best offer, buying a house and lot directly from the owner to pay only for 3 years. What a good deal right? For some instance after paying for almost a year the seller need an immediate money for healthcare expenses. The owners are elderly and no other source of income except from their child. They received a best-est offer to cash in the property they were selling. Though it is a bridge of contract but since I understand their situation hubby and I give in since they were returning all the money that we paid. 
It's frustrating yet I saw a rainbow while holding that sum of money we received back. I suggested , since we also needed, to purchase a car. It may not be an investment but this will make the kids happier and comfortable for our growing family. It may be an expenses in exchange of our supposedly investment but we've got no regrets having Wyx as an additional family member.