Saturday, July 19, 2008

bursting out for good and for peace!..

too much stress for the past week..uber ang conflicts at issues between me and far we did made to succeed out of is really a good conversation that fix it all..glad i've made it to tell huny everything that stressed me..everything he forgots that hurts me.. everything he shud've known earlier before and everything he does that unintentionally hurts me..conflicts between us were not that easy but we knew we can fix it together, hand in hand.. but unfortunately there were people who was born to ruined somebody's happy life even if u were not doing anything against him or them!..he's envy..envy for the fact he hisself sees.. envy that were on the ryt path and he wasn't the same..because we think and planned..and we always wear our brains with our hearts!..envy for everything..and all he can do is to ruined our life to be close to his sitch.. though he was a close rather said a bestfriend, he doesn't have any business within our relationship!.he doesn't knew even a thing about us..he has no rigths to give a bullshit advice pertaining to one person he didn't knew at all!especially if the matter was sensitive and not needing anybody to realize aside from the two components of the rel..he's a shit!..he's first i felt mad to him but eventualy i got pity on him..I PITY U "DUDE"!cause he doesn't have anything ryt now..maybe a so called true love yes!but how far love will provide u pipol?..can it be true love with disposition?(like us?) with a way to success?(we love and do hoping together) with direction?(we wanted an accepted life) it enough to always hide?u can't even brougth u'r small family at u'r home..u can't even said to the world that he is ur son and she is u'r woman,can't even marry..u can't even walk without hesitations..u were down but stil don't admit the reality..that's why u did such stuff!...he did to be like him..miserable..i am sorry for those who were with you..they were better if your a highest intensity wearing of most boastful attitude in the whole wild world doing such a disgrace made him more pittyfull.. huny and i don't want to call quit to us and forgot everything we have been through juz because of that shit that's why we decided to solve it in one arrangement.. FORGET THAT CERTAIN SHIT BROUGTH MISERY TO OUR RELATIONSHIP NEGLECT WHAT THE HELL HE DID/SAY...start a new one without them..neglecting him not means i'm a coward he might be "correct" as his words but not to hurt him though he did hurt me..elliminate conflicts and don't discuss it..forgetting them is enough for his payment on me(it is also hard to forget the only people knew u well,the real u for 6 years,but that SHIT leaving me no choice,besides my relationshop with her remains till last and we know it is mutual..we were not friends nor bestfiends but we we're called to be soulmate.. and not seeing each other even a talk does not means's just accepting that we were trapped in a life we chose and we had to contuinue no matter what cause somehow we are both happy.)..i know how much they value their(huny and the shit)9 consecutive years of friendship to a 2 year smooth,loving and faithfull relationship and am thankful that huny can do it!for us!for good! as long as we were that means if we will last forever, then he and she we're erased to our biography details!(i love you little baby i used to took care,someday it will be ok besides u were different from him!)
..huny promised and so do i!..this is for good and for peace....

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