Monday, July 14, 2008

para sa isang kaibigan...

she's a friend named anna a graduate of 2 yr course computer secretarial.. now working in Dubai for the unconditional love to her family..dalaga committed to a guy named raymond also one of my kababata here in Cavite..a one of a kind friend..hindi kami gaanong nagkakilala pero masaya q sa company nia..prangka at totoong tao..masarap at masayang kaxama..nakakabilb ang sobrang pagmamahal sa pamilya..lahat gagawin just to satisfy her famz..unexpectedly ang pagiging malapit nila ng childhood frend q..actually it was a surprise knowing that they we're together not until she told me..the girl was staying at manila for so long and we even meet there for some gatherings, while the guy sticked here at Cavite for his passion and addiction at his vices(on line games) and berks..galing will find a way talaga..

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