Saturday, August 16, 2008

it all starts here..

everytime we went to a gig, honey and i remembers everything from the past..the good and bad memories we treasures and will treasure throughout the years as we were together.. good and bad mem'ries brougth by the liqour that always we keep on talking about..bringing back the past solved arguments just to laugh at it.... how we were starts, developed and continue loves each other till the present and looking forward to the future..accepting the person, vices, friends, indifferences and everything about each "torpe" my huny was and he says how clamsy, hot and young woman full of guts i was..(its the power of alcohol!..duh! keep on having an argue who made the first move?!..of coarse nobody from the two of us admits..i never did anything that would make me look cheap especially if its outsde the viscinity of our place( of coarse this is my page i am on the rigth and bias track(i don't give care):D..made a post on his own..hehehehe)..also how he says "i thought you were a chinita but you are not..just drunk last nyt??"..a big laugh from my big mouth answers him.which is until now i was fond to reminiscin' of..chinita??my eyes were not that bulgy but not closer to chinita!hahaha..i can admit closer to bulgy!wuahaha..that's why honey fond of capturing pics when we were on a nyt out drinking with the rest of the we both thank tequila specifically the "el jombre" with lemon for giving us both our direction to real life..real love.. by the way those time happens after a certain guy dumped me and i ask for a break up to the another guy i have during that time..i wasn't depressed neither hurt.. i just felt i'm a loser coz i didn't have anybody to accompany me..i admit i am flirty that moment.. that's why i become a tequila and mc fanatic..but just a flirt not a bitch...while on the otherhand huny was fond of playing girls around who shows interests on him..never thought could settle for being a playful guy...he's a bitch then..hahaha..i love you wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good..but still i want to thank everyone, evrybody and anything that leads me to matter who made the first move, we know within we were happy and thankful for that moment..

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