Monday, August 4, 2008

prolonged the agony?...

Often times our professor says "why it had to prolonged the agony of something if you yourself know the outcome"..she says it when she was pursuing her students for something..dah..a professor need to pursue her students?!..such an some institutions, if a professor decides students can say nothing but to follow then, unless a certain student wants a failing grade or a dropping form sent home.. same person told me i open up reasons that bother me and and also reasons why i haven't shown for a week..she told me why to prolonged my agony wherein i can do an action as of now..while i can prevent and at the same time achieve what i wanted to have..why can it be now?..why can it be this time?... one to her lots of question...question that made me feel i'm on a hot seat not in a counseling one..i want to feel regrets of letting her know, but somehow she had helped in some ways..but not a totally help..she just adds my confusions...(sigh)..i'm totally depressed and really confused..but i know it didn't worries only affects not anybody but only me..though that's what i wanted to happen..affects no one when it comes to my worries..waaaah such a big big big probz...

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