Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thanking Almigthy for the good friend...

often times she felt taken for granted, often times she felt alone, often times she thought nobody cares... but for real it wasn't true.. people she's been with were quite different personalities, she migth not feels the thougthfullness of people surrounds her but indeed we are,, u never know how much we care for you.. u are the toughest woman i've ever known aside from myself, honestly u thought me to be and thought me more.. a lot of things, how to face life full of burdens alone.. how to trust myself and how to think of others though you know nobody cares.. you are one of a kind.. i am indeed thankful to Almighty for letting me know you..for having you part of my will and always will be.. i love you so much frend i know u didn't know but as we've been together you knew me for not being sweet to anybody.. so u shud've used to it..hehehehe...happy birthday.. glad to be your friend for the rest of lives..despite of indifferences and sort of tampuhan though miles away in our hearts we'll remain sisters in crime! to remember that gurl!..

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