Monday, August 4, 2008

a very special love with honey...

yesterday honey and i had a date...we were so happy not only together but also with my mom..honey treat mom and i..we first went to church together honey wearing very nice and awesome shirtand also me wearing the very first time with him a says we look different,so different or lets say (maxado lang nagandahan c inay at ngwapuhan sa terno nmen ni honey.. lol)..from our people weren't able to see as couple always like that..not even once just that day... besides mom bought it to me..after mass we went to one of the two malls located nearby.. we ate lunch then mom said she have to wait for Brad's call that why she leave us early..after mom left honey and i decided to watched this was really nice..i told honey that seems i am being a fan of the lead actor of these movie cause i also watched his recently movie with another young lady and also love it..promise..i wanted to buy an original dvd copy of the said movie..we feels like it is the new day for us..we feel blessed.. starting another new life..and a new things to worry also starts that day..but i know its just the consequences..everything has its matter what..either good or bad.. i believe it has...

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