Friday, September 19, 2008

He above is Visible

a lot of times it was proven that God was soooo good!.but this time i really felt that He is truly!..most of the time i felt God's goodness at at the hour i all needing!impronto!..he answer's my prayers either ahead of time or took time and for those scenarios u never expected..He was always there!I was giving this appraise and a lot of thanks to him cause it was the very first time He did answers me on my silent will at the moment i was praying..Mom says i'm not a nice kid that's why i'm not "malakas" sa kanya, unlike other..for an instance si honey, ewan kung dahil sa close talaga sila!..hehehejuz kidding!..seriously i really really tank you Lord! for everything .for everyday i wake up and for all the thingsi had and will have that was given and granted by you..Tank You ..Thank You..Thank you

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