Monday, September 8, 2008

nurses juz havin' fun

group D-1 at FAB Malate
badz,ayie, rogh,me, honey, pnunong becbec,bru lea,bru kei, paul
sort of some fotos at FAB Malate..lea's 19th absolutely very diffrent from her traditional celebration... a more passionate and adultly and most enjoyable "daw" among her parties..first time she did it.. and first time din kasi n pnayagan xa..tnx so much to tita's overflowing trust to us for letting her be with us all the time...were actually from our duty at Lung Center of the Philippines..quite tired but since its a routinary deed already, we were used to it..the presure, the blood, the rush and everything related to...its a group nigth out with loverboys but for dome reason two of our groupmate didn't make it to be with was Pam and Mark..Pam's reason was acceptable..(malapit ksi sa disgrasya un kea nakakatakot din kasama)..hihihi..itd proven n daw ksi kea aun..ok lang..besides same date din kasi cla ng bday ni lea.. dhe has to celebrate with her mom and her dad overseas goin to call her at the eve of her bday..The damn person nmn n x na ni lea(never post about their break up)..i've posted here in my page the very first time they got together as lovers but since it wasn't a happy and good ending i decided not to post about it..even me got angry to the insensitive and self centered..didn't give any consideration to her x na ol this time been nice to him nmn!..grrr tlga un lang..other pix will be viewd at my fs acct..happy bertdey bru!..

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pat said...

waaaaah!..kainggit huh!..daan k tommorow at alumni..gmik din tau ayt?..wait k nmin ni che!..mixhue


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