Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ready to unfold me..the real me..

if u were hurt, u try to ignore, manage stuffs as if its normal..if paranoia attacks, confucious envades the whole you..u can't do anything..hard to diferentiate what is illusions and what is not..the thing that makes you stronger were the people surrounds u..sometimes u often neglect, they were just a companion, but for real, half of your soul was seen by them...they criticize, observe and seen something wrong..no matter how u wanted to be covered the more they can visualize u..can't hide, can't lie..they will not persuade u to talk, nor convince to burst it all out..they were just there, tap your shoulder and smile at you..says "were here thingk as if we don't care but we really do...and we will stay not only if u were not ok, but stay for good..coz we are forever...power of friendship?.. ..i treasure u guys and thanks a lot..thanks for letting be me with you..the emo part..usually i am not..am afraid to be..and gradually tho u didn't forced me to be i do can express now..thank you thank you talga..thank you peeps..

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