Friday, September 19, 2008

stress management

in psychiatric nursing, depressions,schizoprenia and other mental disorders has lots of predisposing and precipitating factors..but most of these starts at a simple thing or feelings we usually suffer everyday into our daily life!its the stress..starts from it going deeper becomes depression and then eventually u will posses different signs and symptoms of schizo or any mental pathetic to think that a simple thing we always felt might lead us to a serious thing..aside from it we also possess different personality disorders that if we were not aware of how to manage also a predisposing factor!..gee! this facts were true! afraid to think duh!..after being discussed bout this matter we. me and my peeps became conscious about it..we didn't know we do have personality disorders well everybody does!but as what I've said if u know how to manage, handle and u had this acceptance and awareness, u are not a susceptible psychiatric patient!..hehehe as we students, had categorized a minor pressures,stressors and deppressors we tend to cope and overcome those..because nobody wants to get insane?..ayt?soooo much and a lot stressed us!..and our intervention of it was.....being with the arcade house!.playing brutal games to express emotions,hurts,frustrations story and puzzle and driving games to enhance ability to abstract and also to develop!it is for us!..especially for bru and me!..we do enjoy a lot! a matter of fact, consecutive days we've been present in places were we enjoy most!..they said its a waste of money, but for us it wasn't..a big no! no!how much will we expend more in psychiatrist and specialist instead if we do not look for an outlet for our weaknesses ayt?and how much satisfaction and fulfillment it gave us!simply fulfilling yourself, making or entering into the world were u are the one to be the boss..handle everything and manage! u are in control of the things surround and around's also a also develop us..we had our goal and wasn't an addiction!..differs from it! a lot deeper!..after we play we feel refreshed and ready to face again the real is better to do this stuff than drinking alcohol and having vices..bad vices.

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