Saturday, September 6, 2008

what's the sense???

what's the sense?..a question i often silently utters pertaining to peeps who were such deep "inggetera/o"..what's the sense of doing such stuff?,a deed?..something not necessarily the one used to do but becoz it was "in",he/she will trying to be like....labo nuh?!..dis is a post not pertaining to anyone..just a factual question of mine that sinks through me and keep me bother for some time.. why do i know some peeps like dem?..i don't hate them but they making ways for them to be hated....why do i care for those stuffs nga ba? is simply becoz, tao n q n ngeevolve at nag iisip n beyond things..batang makulit..batang mausisa..batang matanong..un daw everytime naiisip q n bkit ganun ang description sken napapatanong n nmn aq..isang araw pag gising q nasagot q n din..kasi ganito tlaga q!..d man aq hinubog n ganito pero maituturing n isang talino un..hahahaha..angas nuh..(walang papalag page q to!)lol..seriously speaking it is a real innate knowledge daw(i've read it from Jean Piaget writtings)..born filled curiosity head over heels un aq!...curiosity migth kill a person daw..sabi nga mitsa ng lyf un..bakit nmn d pa q nmamatay??..napag alaman q n rin sagot dun..masamang damo daw aq sabi ni honey!..harhaharhar..ang totoo nyan i know how to manage my life..kea q nagsusurvive!..proud to say "i've been's" negas man or positive....i'm happy..fullfilled and eventually will be contented..its life nga ei..

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