Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pursuit of happYness

The last thing we did on our last time together,(before semestral break and before swimming 4 escapade) we spent the night watching movie at our crib. and it touches us both upon watching this inspirational movie by Will Smith..we didn't intend to cry while watching but emotions really can't hold us was really a good story..this movie definitely changed my perspective and my life. I never really thought a movie could do that. This movie was well done. I take a bow in respect to Chris Gardner for everything he's been through and for keeping his promise to be the father he never had. right from the start it grabbed me and when this scene arrived it directly went straight into my soul this is the essence of a fathers feeling about protecting his son.I've never really cried in a movie but this scene broke me down..


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hoping for a good start(cross finger)

a tiring weeks almost over but the suspense(excitement?) of seeing our class card hasn't done yet..we're here waiting for and praying a good grades we'll receive..we know we do our best but sort of the bias decision making is ruling in the university..grrrr.. any way we knew our capabilities sem to go we're out of that university!hooray!..looking forward..hope we can pass easily and smoothly the rope of time..(sigh).. for the past week I've been a lazy of the reason was i am not at my mom's home. i don't have had a net in the house and i don't feel like renting just to write my post..(tamad ko kc:) ) i had my supposedly post on my phone..unfortunately my phone wasn't that hi-tech to get connected at blogger..(T_T)..
last week is nurses week, almost half of our group participated in the event..gurlfrends leiyah and kei joined as performers category and bhadz as a candidate for and pam were the great P.A , audience, supporters and fans..the rest were props..Lol..a good start for bhadz! it was her, his, her? whatever! first exposure at the said kind of contest!..and it wasn't bad! he/she was a 2nd placer among 9 gays who joined..with a trophy and a sash and a crown and the M-O-N-E-Y!..astig!..we never expects either him/her! we are so grateful and happy of coarse! we celebrated! he/she treated us for dinner! GUrlfrends didn't received any award..but it wasn't that sad coz we do focus on bhadz!and they both even me thought that it wasn't a serious wasn't focusing on voice quality but an interpretation of someone pla un~!

Night after, bru treat me an ice cream date!..becoming our favorite recently! i had to lie to huny that i was on my way unto him while i am currently enjoying my date with bru!...just because i don't want to spoil the two in either ways!..

i just send and gladly replied a mail from a new friend to was my huny's exand very first girlfrend.she's pau.. seem to be nice and jolly gurl.i wanted to befriend with her..not for any projection mode(psychiatric nrsg terminology..hehehe) but for real..i do admire chinitas! they had this oozing appeal on i an "L"?.Lol..well i wanna thank you gurl..hope to had more chatting stuffs with you.. also a gurlfrend date?what about that huh?..soon..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

curing tardiness..

a celebrity unmask..hihihi
a shot before honey and i went to tiring but wonderful date..took dis shot beforehand so as it is am i not wasted yet. pretty duh?(no one allows to interfere)...hihihihi..dis is my page remeber..hehehehe..
a complete package...
how can't i be thankful ba nmn?..ang angas ng dating..hehehehe..idle days kc!.just decided to wrote something that boost me so much up up and away..hahaha..excessive watching of pokemon series every morning now this is the part of the team rocket..jessie james and meow with wawa pet..hahahaha..anyweiz here's the post official beginning..ahem!..oozing sex appeal, brain, figther attitude, body beautifulnot ugly but not so pretty me(hwuahahaha)a not so late career, a loving guy, understanding and best momcool brothers, friends around..almost perfect!..but of coarse for some time problems and conflicts were always around..hassles are in everywhere, is for the person how he/she or rather ihandle those, foresee and accept in,what it in short itz the mind that always and really matters..di totoo ung sinsabi ng girl group named sexbomb na "kung ano ang nasa puso m sundin mo"..heart doesn't have the ability to think, even feelings was manifested by the brain kaya!..heart is just a heart..with aventricles, aorta, 4 circulation, fxns in systems and organs,supply of blood,oxgen and everything....nothing to do with decision makingand failures..hehehehe


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