Tuesday, November 11, 2008

so near yet so far...

luckily after almost but not consecutive,6 years of studying i finally unto the last stage..and it's for real..I'm going to march on March!..yipee..yipee..plan to take board on June and hope so fortunately plans will be done as exactly it was....i can feel the near end...the grad pictorial, the practice, the pledge! yahoo!..for a new buddy friend Joanne, good luck and Godspeed at your journey as a future nurse..more to experience awaits and so far I've found as an analyzing thru your posts that you'll be a best nurse..see yah..I'm so excited ..wonder why It took almost 6 years?..here it goes.. this is almost a life profile.. I graduated high school at year 2002 at the age of 16..(I'm fresh)Lol..My very first university Ive been was the Pamantasan at Lungsod ng Manila taking up Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science..due to the reason that it was far from our hometown and I'm not used in manila yet my mom decided to call a quit there..i stayed half of the sem with the said university..thereafter, my cousin told me about the University of Makati, In God's will luckily mom got a business and have our house at makati where we(mom and i) stayed..i pursue my coarse on the other half..while taking up the same coarse, i had this passion attending the class of political science, wherein i do excel tho I'm not really enrolled at this coarse..i also became a makati collegian Football women varsity team(during this days we became a Ateneo Alumni Representative on Football cup)..this was the very exciting part of my college days!..i also became a member of a mountaineering group which i have known lots of good and easy to came along people and learned about real life!..i finished my first coarse in my first year with flying colors and a no-no to failing grades..i enjoyed a lot and learned a lot.....everyone suffers from financial instability and my family does!.. i had to stopped schooling to give way to my eldest brother whom during that time already a graduating student..my mother got seriously sicked and only me and my second brother has to finance and managed everything..at early age as 16 1/2 i needed to be responsible!..i had to fake my legal documents just to find a good job..and with God's will and guidance again..i do had the job easily with a promising position in a promising company another as early as my age..i was so thankful everything is in place..when my brother graduated he promised to me that he'd be responsible in supporting/providing me to make it up till end..(so as what he's doing now)..the next time around i was sent to school,they told me to took up nursing..but beforehand i have my own plans of shifting on political science and pursue to law proper..but they indeed disagreed and i was sent to a private university to took up nursing(during the days UMakati hasn't have yet a nursing coarse)..in the beginning I'm quite not liking the coarse but as what they always say, "you'll gonna love it in the process"..yes it is! yes it was!..i do love it now! I'm passionately loving my field!here comes again another not so called burden but a trial, my 2nd brother incidentally got her 3 years girlfriend pregnant...it wouldn't be a problem if the girl and the family agreed of a civil wedding, but, people are people, same country but differs in cultures, values and norms..they wanted an extrebonanza wedding!..which held on a historical church located at Laguna..we're on the guy's side so it must be more on our expenses..i had to stopped again to bear with my mom and brothers that i do understand our situation.. i, again worked(this tome i already fixed my documents) for me to not waste my time being at home only for a year waiting..when things are in place then, they again sent me and again to a different university to cope up and continue and fortunately finish!..that's the long way of my 6 years non-consecutive college life! and for the record to all intruiging bitches keep on crushing me to the ground and making rumors against me..i never failed any subjects though i may not graduated in a supposedly right time..i never fail due to dumbness nor FDA..

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