Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carandang and Ortiz Nuptial

Accident is neither a encumbrance nor an obstruction to enjoy life events…hehehehe... after my post screaming bday gift here we are still enjoying life pressures and challenges.. Huny and I was invited to my brother’s sister in law’s wedding, its Glenda... She is a friend since then my brother married her eldest sister, my sis in law jenny...Actually the rest of their family(the Ortiz family) invited us… so were not hesitant to attend besides they want us to witness them and be part of it.. gorgeous Glenda was!(I think I’m in love Lol..) They had this saying that the bride was the most beautiful lady in her wedding day and it was absolutely true. So many time s it was proven... a 26 years old, graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in accountancy.. A second to the eldest loving and very supportive sibling of 4 children of the Ortiz family… she was also one of the major sponsor of my brother and sister in law through their hard times… a much family oriented daughter… Now she is on her way building own family… He married the guy named Arnel as what Kuya said they were engaged for a long period of time… In order to be more prepared they chose to get marry if they had enough budgets for the expenses… (Unlike my brother’s wedding... hehehe) … So everything that day was planned… I never see her before that gorgeous… she looks like a celebrity… she is a morena babe… awesome… the venue were the same as my brother’s wedding also the reception... The new to the wedding was our nephew Carl Joseph! A volatile child wearing so extreme mood swings... he even got no pictures walking at the isle… tsk… tsk… tsk… or at least pictures together with the rest kids part of the wedding ceremony… Cj woke up 2 am prior the wedding day… the elders wanted him to sleep again so as he will be having enough energy for the event, but unfortunately at exactly the time the wedding starts he felt asleep… lots of people (majority their relatives) says that cj need almost half of the day sleeping hours to be conditioned… OM to the G! Our nephew almost spoils the wedding by his moods and his Aunt Glenda of coarse quite disappointed... But we all knew no one can blame the precious one... Just a deep sigh we can all do... since it was what had happened, I just need to captures him picture as a remembrance… my aim first in attending the wedding was to be Carl Joseph’s personal photographer as courtesy of Bru’s digital camera... as how he walks at the isle, pix with her aunts and other relatives and his precious smiles… but Cj was not in the mood all day long… he didn’t even want to be pictured by anybody strictly no exemptions!… the kid has his own attitudes!... “ maldito”… well he is Almendra blooded maybe that’s why…Lol… to Arnel and Glenda the event was perfect, the preparation and the programs… in behalf of the Almendra we are so very grateful and a pleasure to be part of your most especial day…

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