Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ms. No Question!!

i thought i was already immune to toxic clinical instructress... actually we all(D1) though so.. not until we land our feet at San Lazaro Hospital! a 431 years old hospital still running consistently in the country... grrrr...Ms. No Question!..she was a much!... she never entertain questions!..nor suggestions our explanations!..everybody around were wronged for her... a "dyosa" feeling... supposedly our duty wasn't that tiring and stressful we enjoy the place and the cases but because of her it became a hell!... almost what Mark stated "!(she ruined my deo's effectiveness,now almost wet my underarms! i felt wet and uncomfortable!!"...literally he says!..she did that kind!... even me, i wanted to run away from her... grabe!!! don't want to meet her again! ever!! if we only had a choice!

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