Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ms... Yah It's You!

I hate you cause I don't want you.
You're too liberal.
You don't care what other people say.
You always hide your real feelings.
Sometimes you explode but still in compose.
You were sensitive. But not.
You care too much though it has been neglected by others.
You doesn't care enough for yourself.
You are an extreme being.

For the times I stayed near you, I hate seeing you..Why?

Because I know I can't be with you to share more laughter, more vices and more green geeky ideas.

I hate you because somehow for some aspect I saw myself in you.

I hate you because I want to be part of your life but I can't be..

Thank you for  the little time.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Signing Off 2009

Than you  so much for tagging me for this post Ate Jennie . Ive been so busy lately I was so disoriented of the dates..*wink*

Year 2009 was not been nice to me and it gave me  countless rough journey. Yet I am still thankful for these year because this was also the year wherein I guess or should I say I know to myself that I learned a lot more. Though the current year has been harsh to me no regrets for everything have had happened.For every tears fell down from my eyes, every disappointments and the laughters and joy as well. Looking forward for a more challenging and colorful year. Welcoming 2010 with full of thanks, more strengthen faith and a positive aura. Maybe I have been too late to realize that not everything will be given to you just means for some sort of little reason. Every inch has a huge purpose..2009 make me realize a lot, around me, my life and influencing other's life too.

Been tagging you guys for your signing off post.. 

Nhene,Clarisse,Chie,Te Rose,Joanne,Eden,Crissy,Lyle,Ate Ayeeh and Kat..

Enjoy and be Safe! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Though It's Different

Christmas last year is a way different from this year. We are not prepared for our godchildren. We don't even bother to buy some even for our family members. We are in a gripped belt and pocket. A lot of changes after Huny's former company changed its line of business and it was his choice not to be part of it. Though it happened this way we don't have any regrets to it. It's happier this time. No material gifts to give to your love one's yet you can feel the real essence of Christmas without any. Somehow different because Huny will be celebrating at the office at the eve of it also the fact that it's our day but we both understand it. It's our job responsibilities. Not to worry too much because tomorrow we will be together again! Also new for this time is my Uncle is now in heaven. For me it's a good thing. He have had suffered so much from illness for 4 painful years and I know he was also waiting for this time to come. Though it's sad but everybody in the family was somehow happy because he can finally rest without pain and with the Almighty.

Though its a lot different I am not complaining for it ..Still thanking that at this moment in time I can still celebrate special days with my love ones. No one knows what will happen next so we should always be thanking for what has given today.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

You're Great!

I cannot update my blog recently and I noticed that most of my post were not an  "uplifting spirit post" to be read. Sad but that happens recently. I've been very busy on work and lot of stuffs to think to. The moment cellular phones has been a necessity I thought I cannot live having it, but now I am surviving. No cellphone since the dawn joke happened. But anyways this is me.And it should be me!yey! Think of the bright side!. The more experiences He gave me making me more a better person. Loving my life, giving value much with the person I am with and the things He gave me. Either good experiences or bad I thank him for that! 

I don't exactly know how can I describe the feeling. I like the company I am with.Very much!( But I don't know if they like me too hahahaha )The people, the work though sometimes damn persons and disputes where present anyway it's everywhere(I am not the only one going to complain about it) =) yet it didn't affect me much. I still thinking it out if this is the thing they said maturity. hahahaha.. 

For You Bro,
I know you will not giving me everything that I can't. I know you have all the reasons giving me all for me to be a strong and though not to be best but a good person. And I thank You so much!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Dawn Joke

A true to life story happened Dec 12,200 at 1:45 am at Kalayaan Rd West Rembo Makati

There was a lady trying to surprise her mom on her birthday. Although she's out of bucks. She was trying to find some resources to finance the said event of the family.She end-up deciding loosing one important thing for the most important person of her life. The plan was made. But really His greatness above is incomparable. He sent again another result on her dilemma. That make her keep the important thing and please the important person.The little family gathering went well. She was now ready and went back to her life as a customer's representative. In her way outta work a scenario unexpectedly happened. Standing,waiting for a vehicle to ride in where an unexpectedly:

One drunk teenage guy approach:

Can I have some 20 bucks?

The lady snob assuming it wasn't her the the teenage guy talking with.

Two more drunk teenage guy came over.

The lady step back in her suspense the guy ask him for 20 bucks is already at her back.

She was now inside the three teenage drunk guys, defending her safety she never acts panicked she stays calm and ask why to the guys.

The other guy answered. We just need some bucks. We're out of alcohol and we need more.

The lady answered: Got no bucks neither. Enough only for my fare going to work. I didn't even wait here for a cab neither but a jeep.

The third guy answered: Just give us what was on your hand or we gotta get everything with your bag.

The lady still in composure not panicking and trying to find some way how to sneak out of the three but shortly asked. Is it a joke?

The first guy at her back show something sharp edge shivering and say Do you think it is?

The lady answered okay here. Just don't hurt me. I will fight if one of you attempt to either touch me.

The third guy answered again. I just told you we needed some addition for our drinks. We are not going to hurt you.

The lady still asked question. Why does it need for me to give you the purse(containing the cellphone but not mentioning it is).

The guy with a thing answered: It looks expensive and nice. we can use it also.

The lady utter a bad word. Then 3 guys left her.

Got nothing to do but to went back to where she stay and wait for a hero after dawn.


Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Odd to be Part of Someone's Life

 I am not in regret having few very few people I trusted of my life.All about my life.The reality of what Karren is. And being part of my life also given me the chance to be then accepted to their life. But it's kinda odd feeling when some stuffs happen never in your whole life figured out will happened. Knowing the persons you welcomed in your life. But as my motto expect nothing..So it comes to be it.But I am just human though I tried not but I can still feel disappointments. Nevertheless be carefree would be the best attitude I shall learn. After everything happened I noticed myself being aloof to people. Afraid of having someone to called real trusted friend.Trusting no one. Aside from people I used to trust before. That's the dilemma. The actual result. Being part of someone's life and feeling odd after wards not a good experience at all. I don't want to close door but as of the moment I just feel giving value much to people I have from the beginning rather than accepting new.Be a good person, be a friend but not a very dear friend.

I just want to breath.

Actually this feeling already gone and overcome..Just want to breath and share the thoughts of the dilemma happened before.. way back 5 months ago..hehehe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haberdey to me..

Since my birthday comes with the date of the NLE . I had pre-celebration of my birthday at Muchos! hehehe.. It happened to celebrate it with the IT Department which is headed by my cousin Ar-em. Drunking sessions what had happened. hahaha. Also the HR personnel joined us. It's a great good day to start nor release my anxiety before the NLE. And not to forgot to mention a great good bud to bully..Sonny.haha..The party is incomplete without you..hehehe..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Beggar's Cannot Be Choosers

Since I am working in a company wherein Yahoo Messenger is a necessity I do got this opportunity to chat friends online abroad. Whom can jive me at my graveyard shift work.(opposite to where they are it's morning of coarse). Got to chat with a long not so lost friend Kevin Atienza. He's my buddy on my Nursing 100 at Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila Campus. He was such a great good buddy(actually I have 3 good doods right at that time). He offers me a ride( I am a beggar student lol.) Going to the university and home vice versa!(shala I'm a beggar in a VIOS service with a driver *Kevin*). It happens that he lives at United Paranaque Subdivision where have to pass through Bagong Lipunan Condominium at Taguig Manila. Lucky I am he's a friend of mine. I have had a free ride and our schedule really fits. Kevin was a naughty one. If you can't ride on his green and blastoff jokes you will get irritated . But he really had a big heart. Countless times I remember treating me to some expenses on school group projects. The other two was Romer and Jayson(the mj guy)hahaha. Well anyway title came from him actually. He's now on the states and a registered US Nurse but unfortunately he was jobless. Nurse competition really going strict even abroad.. He was living there with his parents yet job opportunity for him quite hard to find. He ask why at the middle of the night I was looling around on using YM. Got to received a sarcastic answer from me says "I am also at the states, you're not the only person can "be" here hahaha" .And that conversation starts. I mentioned for real that I am in the BPO industry and it basically follows eastern schedule. Then he ask why am I not in the hospital, he's aware I graduated. Told him facts. Compensation, treatment to Filipino nurses and how will I survived life if I'd be faithful to our line of service. In my suspense he agreed. Kevin really wanted to be a nurse from then. And he had this perception of staying at the field no matter how countless graduates we have in the country.No matter the competition may take. That's why a surprise when he said beggars cannot be choosers. He admits his parents has wealth but still aware that it wasn't his own. He called himself a beggar because of not earning for his self. He told me that if he was in the country right now he might as well chose to be in the same industry as I was and forget the dumbness perception if that could give him life. It's not the sake of money but the sake of living. Contrary to blogs of nurses I've read here in the blogosphere, turning back to our service, forgetting the four year sacrifices wasn't actually about it. For me and for those who did the same, it's not about the money right, it still being a nurse, the adaptability on generation and life paced we had now. Somehow it was not that far. (justifying the means)lol

One Better Environment...

Got hired last Nov. 5. A company wherein I first though a scam to be. I started the assessment so messy.. So crap. The administration lost the word time management and multi-tasking. Then what would I expect it to be.I jumped into a conclusion that it was a real crap.Conclusion eventually vanished. Got a nice compensation, easy to familiarized accounts and good approachable people. Well shits don't disappear anywhere in the world. But the good thing shit people are minimal counts. Not unlike to where I've worked before. An another good thing was everyone has the right to learn . they not choosing who to trained but instead scheduling everyone for fair training. So that means everyone is learning.. You don't have to give extravagant effort for you to be noticed. For me that was a great to be called good environment.. No need to please the officers for you to enhanced ability and discovers new stuffs related on the field(business process outsourcing). For the new home I am with. Kudos for LWS Famz.. Another FAQ's: queing time not a toxic one;Accounts bearable and cool;Flex sxhed on breaks..hahaha Taking advantages of these FAQ's..I love it!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Childhood Friends

(from left:Kuya Cris, Kuya Ryan with his brother Reynan, Kuya Mike,me,Ate Skylyn,Doray & Mylene)

Here's so old and about to damaged picture of my childhood friends and neighbors. Mom said and written at the back of  it that this happens on my second birthday celebrated at our backyard. These are the first batch of youngsters during that time. And also they were my first batch of friends. Now the three females at the picture already moms. Ate Skylyn sad to say a newly widowed with three kids,two boys and a girl. Doray also has three, same set to Ate Skylyn. And Mylene has two unfortunately separated. Anyway, seeing these pictures makes me remember the times I was still close to those persons except my sibling of coarse.. 

How about you? Any evidence to reminisce?Feel free to post it and join us here at

Friday Photo Flashback

What's My Purpose

I'm turning 24 this November. I don't know why I feel like this. I am searching for my purpose. Turning 24 yet I can't prove anything on my existence. Visiting my old friends, colleagues on different networking sites making me more feel empty. I envy them.(Envy-even this attitude was not natural to me).  Either they had their different successful paths or own family. They were living for other people aside from themselves purposely. That was a for real next step journey. Why I am struck at this where I am. Still visions of my path was blurred. I am happy right now. With family,my guy and my friends. Yet still empty, because I know I don't have a life to be called mine. I learned of taking things slowly. Wait for the right time. Wait for my turn. Also learned never questions why to Him and never ask everything I wanted to but instead work for it. I know I've been so sinful on my acts from the past. Is this my karma now?.. If it is. Instead of mourning from it I will work for it. Turning everything positively. As long as I live I can still wait for my turn. I know I should be thankful cause I am still living. I just don't know how to get rid of this feeling of emptiness.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jean Finally Hit the Spot

Last July, My friend Jean posted about hitting the spot . Telling stories of pregnancy about common friends. And as I have read it right she was also wishing when she will be going to hit her spot! Finally she did!..I mean she and Joey did..hahaha.. 

I went to her place yesterday just to ask for something not so important, when she shared me the good news. I not even beleive at first because she always kid on me about pregnancy!. But after I have had internalized the reality she's saying I felt so excited for her. She will be having her baby, aside from her bhaby (joey). She's going to be a mom! I even ask her what would be the baby's name!hehehe Yey! It's one of the great great gift she received before her birthday. And another baby will be born with the BPS! So excited as in!. Hopefully Jean wouldn't suffer too much from pregnancy. Knowing Jean, her immune system became quite weak after way back what happened before as we had a conversation last night. She need and a must to be as healthy as she can for the sake of her baby and also herself. I advised her to find her Obstetrician Gynecologist as early as now. So that she and her baby will be taking care that well. As for Joey, I am so bow to this guy after all the hardships he have been through with Jean,(given by Jean lol) he really proves his love for her. And I will surely know he would take care that much for his now family. Friend Congratulations!.. I envy you both. But that was just as that. I think I am still not yet ready. hehehe.. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Luneta Park

Howdy!. Again It's Friday!. Here's my entry for the meme. This was taken year 1990 at Luneta Park. Where Mom always brought us three and to other different Leisure Parks to explore every weekend. Mom carry us three all by herself knowing that we don't have our own car.(Galing ni Mama!!). Knowing my eldest brother, having him as a son,one will really be out of control and loose patience due to his extreme naughtiness!It was proven until right at this era.haha Since then my father is always working abroad that's why he often be with us. When I was young I was really fascinated of Luneta unfortunately to kids nowadays it was not as beautiful as it was before. But in exchange there's now the ocean park, another attraction to it.
Come and Join us sharing the Worth to remember Memories!
Friday Photo Flashback

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Cost P442.00

You look it over the following list and see how many of these things you have done. BUT you have to ADD up the money amount along the way. Then post the amount that you are as the title of the bulletin.
  • PS: the smaller the better!
  • 1. Had sex: P40.00
  • 2. Smoked: P40.00
  • 3. drank alcohol: P20.00
  • 4. Went skinny dipping: P40.00
  • 5. Kissed someone of the opposite sex: P4.00
  • 6. Kissed someone of the same sex: P20.00
  • 7. Cheated on a test: P28.00
  • 8. Fell asleep in class: P20.00
  • 9. Been expelled: P40.00
  • 10. Been in a fist fight: P40.00
  • 11. Given oral: P40.00
  • 12. Got oral: P40.00
  • 13. Prank called the police: P40.00
  • 14. Stole something: P40.00
  • 15. Done drugs: P40.00
  • 16.Dyed your hair: P20.00
  • 17. Done something sexually with someone older (like a few years): P40.00.
  • 18. Courted someone OVER 18 (if your under 18): P40.00
  • 19. Ate a whole bag of oreos: P40.00
  • 20. Cried yourself to sleep: P2.00
  • 21. Said you love someone but didn't mean it: P4.00
  • 22. Been in love: P20.00
  • 23. Got caught doing something that you shouldn't have been doing: P40.00
  • 24. Went streaking: P4.00
  • 25. Got arrested: P40.00
  • 26. Cuddled: P4.00
  • 27. Peed in the pool: P20.00
  • 28. Played spin the bottle: P40.00
  • 29. Done something you regret: P20.00
Now add up and post as "I COST P.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Starrlight Meme

Glad to blog hopped and EC dropped for finding out this meme at Pinay mama . Like to her curiosity and interest of this meme, It got me hooked also and try it.
  • 1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
  • *Omelet cooked by Mom
  • 2. Where was your profile picture taken?
  • * Friendster- At Our "home"
  • *Facebook-At Inasal Pasay Branch
  • *Multiply-At Quantum Mall of Asia
  • * Blogger-At Huny's Office
  • kinda old pix..hehehe
  • 3. Can you play Guitar Hero?
  • * How I wish I can! T.T
  • 4. Name someone who made you laugh today. What was it about?
  • * Mhing-mhing. Our baby a Japanese Maltese puppy. who always acts like a real person (baby), reacts and emotes. hahaha
  • 5. How late did you stay up last night and why?
  • * Till 12 midnight after playing an RPG game Crossfire
  • 6. If you could move somewhere else where would you and why?
  • *ahmm Paris with enjoy and experience the romantic aura of that City
  • 7. Ever been kissed under fireworks?
  • *yup many times by my Huny..:p
  • 8. Which of your friends lives closest to you?
  • *Jean
  • 9. Do you believe ex's can be friends? With benefits?
  • * NO!
  • 10. Do you like Dr. Pepper?
  • *? who is he anyway?
  • 11. When was the last time you cried really hard? Really hard as opposed to just sniveling?
  • * Last February of 2009
  • 12. Who took your profile picture?
  • * Friendster-me
  • * Facebook- Huny
  • *Multiply- Jayson
  • *Blogger-Huny
  • 13. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
  • * Myself! hehehe
  • 14.Was yesterday better than today? Why?
  • * Yup! My brain squeeze that much earlier and I hate it..errr
  • 15. Can you live a day without TV?
  • * of coarse I can
  • 16. Are you upset about anything now?
  • * Nope. I am too much happy..
  • 17. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?
  • * Yes!
  • 18. Are you a bad influence?
  • * Before..errr..
  • 19. Night out or night in?
  • * Night out
  • 20. What items could you not go without during the day?
  • * A cellphone
  • 21. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
  • * Mom
  • 22. What does the last text message in your inbox say?
  • * "Guyz di pwede kila hot sa 26 change venue tayo" from Venus organizing a reunion.
  • 23. How do you feel about your life right now?
  • * I feel like I want to move on the next stage of my Life. F-A_M_I_L_Y...hehehe
  • 24. Do you hate anyone?
  • * Done hating those pissing me off before. I don't want them to have a space in my heart.Neither anger.
  • 25. If we were to look in your Facebook inbox, what would we find?
  • * A message from Fr. Mariano Rondael, Huny's friend.
  • 26. Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass?
  • * Yes! Absolutely...
  • 27. Has anyone ever called you perfect before?
  • * Yes. My Huny, and Jelena May
  • 28. What song is stuck in your head?
  • * You Belong with me by Taylor Swift
  • 29. Someone knocks on your window at 2 a.m., whom do you want it to be?
  • * My Brother and his
  • 30. Do you (or did you) want to have grand kids before you’re 50?
  • * If it's possible to a have a baby next year so probably I will want to..
  • 31. Tell us your Saturday night.
  • * Playing Crossfire
  • 32. Do you think too much or too little?
  • * too much
  • 33. Do you smile a lot?
  • * Sometimes

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Funny Truth

Just finished watching Ang Pinaka Show (Top Pick) hosted by hunk named Rovilson Fernandez and the topic was about the worst irritating facebook user. They've got their top ten picks. Which absolutely a funny truth. Since I started to became an addict to facebook applications got noticed some oft he mentioned pasaway facebook user admit for some fact I am also guilty. Here's the top ten list.
  1. The Let_Me_Tell_You_Every_Detail_of_My_Day_Updater
  2. The TMI_er
  3. The Friend Padder
  4. Self-Promoter
  5. Crank
  6. The Chronic Inviter
  7. The Bad Grammarian
  8. The Papparazzo
  9. The Obscurist
  10. The Sympathy Baiter
To those who are interested to watch for these episode here's the link 4-3
enjoy.. and laugh if you are also guilty..lolz

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kindergarten Muse?

It's Friday again! And that means Friday Photo Flashback again. I feel like I enjoy this meme. Here is my share for this Friday. Obviously it is our Kindergarten picture. Mom and my former Teacher told me about this photo that I was the muse of the class, which I don't believe so.hehehe(Until the moment I am writing this post)..The girls sitting beside me, most of them, were qualified to be called muse of the class but not me. I once felt long ago that I might be a lesbian. I don't act properly as girls should be. Don't love dress, don't play girls game.And hate dolls. But Mom said this was the evidence Mom told me and my former teacher. So be it. Yet for me I still don't believe..hehehehe
Come and join us reminiscing the good old memory
Friday Photo Flashback

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Up for Plans

The New Front Door
The New Living Set
The Proposed LCD Tv Display Cabinet
10 Seater Dining Set
Kitchen Cabinets
6 Basins
6 Toilet Bowls Bed for Mama Kuya Mike, Kuya Cris and the Guest Room My Ideal Bed Veranda Set
This were for plans upon renovating our house. And I am also one of help to make all this plans in action. Good luck to me, Kuya Mike and Mama. hihihi

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

Hear yeah! After bursting out to my previous post, now coming back in composed! Thanks to ate Rose for always comforting and dropping by. And because of her I have found out of this Flashback photo meme that I decided to join to. Here's my share on my first entry. This photo taken at Santacruzan 1989 here at my home town Bulihan Cavite. I was just forced by some folks organized the Santacruzan. Remembering those times I was awaken by our nanny and told to get dressed and we are going to the Church. I was only3 years and 6 months old. I didn't even managed to smile. haha I am not that friendly little darling.
Everybody is welcome to join us. Just click the badge below. Friday Photo Flashback

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jacque Bermejo

As everyone in the country or rather the whole world busy trying to help by all means to the victims of typhoon Ondoy,one name attracts me as it is now widely spread to the web. This certain person named Jacque Bermejo whom used words which made every Filipino cursed her. Using such a phrase "buti na lang am hir in dubai maybe so many sinners bak der!so year deerving wat happend!", does not make sense at all. That same phrases made her name famous now accompanied by cursed. But one of her networking account explains by her so called brother that her accounts from friendster, multiply to facebook has been hacked by someone who hates her most and such the one responsible doing this stuff. On my own opinion, upon reaching her sites and reading those negative words neither she nor the person used her accounts utter towards our fellowmen and the tragedy we have been, this really make someone hate her most. Me either felt bad towards her.Thinking that another Filipino living/working abroad and not affected by the tragedy, can say such words for her countrymen making everybody ashamed that she(Jacque Bermejo) is indeed a Filipino. Trying to analyze things if her account was hacked, and the person hates her did this in purpose, he/ she (the one did all of this) also a Filipino. How would someone can said all those words pertaining to his/her native land.The one who is mad to this Jacqueline Bermejo must be now joyful making her goal of ruining her/his enemy's life but doesn't think that she/ he himself/herself was also ruined by her own acts. But anyways hating her or them doesn't help, as one blogger post if she was earning through her blog then she made it to earned that much making such an awful act.Instead focusing on these issues, I'd rather make my own way helping and praying for those victims of the tragedy. Eventually truth will reveal pertaining to this person, and if unfortunately not, God will do the rest. If someone wants to sneak on her accounts here is the links.


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