Monday, March 9, 2009

Am not mad, Just Dissapointed

For you: be strong.. I don't have any intentions of becoming a cruela devil on your life, i always be here to support whatever deeds you do or you may want to do, just a big disappointment i have felt after that.. i know you are in big trouble right now but not of coarse a reason to be fuzz and clumsy of what i have said if you were not just you i won't be these huge bothered.. that don't cost much!.. i am now worried of what the guy might think about you, we don't know the people, even my guy told so, but the mistakes starts on you obviously.. a lot have noticed of it... i don't want to blame you i know it didn't help but instead i want you to be more responsible for yourself.. i want you to be more tough.. be strong of everything happening now on your life, i maybe don't have a good shoulder to cry on , but i will never leave..eventually being with you i have seen the changes, your changes, but as much as possible i don't want you to step on the wrong path i had stepped on before.. i had so many mistakes that's maybe a reason i known a lot, but i want you to be more known that me not committing same can learn without mistakes, learn by others, open your ears, your heart.. be more open..don't get mad, i don't mean a thing, I'm sorry if i am cold, i don't know how to act, you do know "makulit nga ei" had no meds of that, i just want you to know what i feel and after that it's over.. were back..i'm back..

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~mEow~ said...

i'm sorry to disappoint you bru..


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