Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feb 18,2009 The Grand Day Survivor Ako!

It is our Seminar day.. Will be held at Jade’s Palace at Shaw Boulevard around 2 in the afternoon.. Everyone in the group were nervous with excitement.. I leave home at 9 am with honey.. I was the one going to bring all the 150 pc fragile give aways.. Lea offered to accompany me but as I knew her activities for the following days she needed some rest, and besides she will also be singing our theme.. she was the soloist..
while on cab
Huny supposed to be with me but his work demands on him, so he ask me to take a cab and text when I arrived to my colleagues to ask some help carrying those.. on the way to the venue I am also feeling nervous and deeply praying for the success of our seminar.. it’s a tiring week since January 24 and I am praying for the return of our hardships and sacrifices.. Our theme was Survivor Ako Pinoy Nars!It was really a survival literally! haha for our section! We are only 29 students in our section and our expenses spend as much as 50,000 pesos.. efforts, donations, hardships and lot more to excel!.. Real survivors!.. I arrived at the venue at 11 am half of the classmates were there and setting up the place, rehearsing.. all were praying the same as mine.. not to be the best but a good outcome will be appreciated!..
earlier before we starts

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