Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feb 19,2009 It’s a Hooray!

Yesterday was a tiring day! Really tiring day! But it was nothing to all we have felt after!.. Everybody congratulates us.. The big Persona of the university whom attended and the feedback! It was really a best feeling hearing those!! We felt lifted up!.. We were only praying for the good but God was really good, he gave us the best results!.. comparing to other seminars will be holding, ours was the best not because it is our own but the basis were the feedbacks we received.. Everybody deserves applause for all the committees worked on it! It’s a hooray! Success on us! And Bonding!.. after the event the group whom always release gossips about our group invited us for some celebration and that night conflicts in between were solved!.. thanks to the seminar we met our goals and God give us more as what we were expecting!..

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~mEow~ said...

yea..iba tau e..i still remember pocahantas and mulan..haha..:D and d man-ly monments nten together..lalakas ng braso e..haha..funny..funny..:D


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