Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feb 28,2009 The Wedding and The Angel’s Angel

At the reception..funny coz we are a total clinche'..hahahaha
The spoon made the nice shot
Soulmate and me.. few pix after so long..
Jetrene Rey Waro with the soulmate..
i made a peace sign but julz making faces(indication?)hmmm
Juz for kikayz..ahahaha
Plastic me..hahaha
Gorgeous Julz
who will say no to us huh?..
wasted at the cab going to the wedding..

We can say were gorgeous! Hahaha Whoa! We were the only visitors made a little effort on the wedding day.. we saw our old colleagues unprepared for the occasion. I am not that mean but I was expecting too much to our other peeps to just be good to their selves on our friends wedding day.. one colleague attended with her hubby and baby, looks like a housewife but before in our college days she was one of the neat and precious jewel of our class.. no formality at all.. I saw my 24 hour ex-boyfriend with his wife which is also our classmate.. and the good old bully guy friends.. the groom seemed to be stressed.. hehe and the bride hmmm look good and they said a 3month on the way.. it was a happy day with them remembering the days.. what a day full of laughs..

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~mEow~ said...

miss ko na to!..kakikayan nten tatlo..apat pla with chin..


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