Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Hate Mistresses

usually mistress are describe as snakes.. this pictures shows literally mistress.. how i hate mistresses.. last midnight Bru texted me about her Dad still having an affair with the same girl before.. the first time they caught their dad last November 2007, it was a real bad news though we are just her friend we were really affected on her situation. For me i viewed their family as a happy complete and perfect one, that's why i am quiet hurt and disappointed that that thing happened.. everybody knows that it was over then, her dad make up and she says really regretting as she describes, so i am really shocked upon reading her message last night.. it was an ouch! i know.. I experienced being fooled and i know how it hurts and scars me inside.. I know Bru is hurting, of coarse and I almost wanted to hurt his dad.. How I hate cheaters!!.. I've been once a cheater but I never let anybody knows, so as less info less hurts and that was a long time ago.. I really hate people like her dad!! as i saw her mom fully devoted and serving his dad for some reason that nobody can rationalized he still cheats on her!! He don't even think that she has 3 daughters what if his karma bounce to her daughters!!.. he never thinks! his insensitive..!!

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~mEow~ said...

thanks for everything're may kabatak tlga..i still remember those katarayan of yours..
nako..poor bisaya..natikman ung pagiging cruela devil mo..:p


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