Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unplanned Getaway

an opening post hehehehe due to being obedient to huny, he said not to expose any pat or piece of my skin on the web,so being too obedient but still pursuing what i wanted i edited my hot shot into this masterpiece..hehehehe
earlier before graduation, Bru and I were excited in a thought of a beach swimming.. and in preparation Bru bought her first ever hot piece swim suit.. everything almost have planned but as what we expect nonetheless it was not a beach getaway.. it became a late night swimming at the resort nearby.. the escapade composed of 8 characters hehehe c2, bru , seph and his brother named josh and two other female cousins and of coarse the main character me an hon..hihihi... i expect that we really be in so late night swimming because we were at the pong pagong's team but because of our perseverance persuasive attitudes the getaway was not a disappointment at all... we do enjoyed the night but still Bru and I were hoping for beach thing and we wanted a more company hehehe as what the saying says the more the merrier" cross finger hope it will happen this summer 09...
It's all that the group are... C2 was the one held the cam shutter... hon was trying to put all his weight on me..silly guy.. Time to go home and be still fabulous..hehehe

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~mEow~ said...

tag-lan nlang bru..ndi pdin natutupad ung pagbebeach nten..:c tuloi nten bru..hehe..khit 2 lng tau..:D


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