Sunday, May 17, 2009

He gave me what He thinks I deserve

Tired of being invited for lot of work interviews.. I even not attended some(actually a lot) loosing hope that I may not fit for the position they were looking for and just wasting my time,money and effort.. I am almost in a stage of planning for a different activity I might be doing if I won't be able to have a job.. If He above won't give me a chance of working as of the moment... I don't know why did He always make a move when I am about to quit.. Maybe that was He's strategy on me.. Proudly writing in my page that He did gave me what He think I deserve... I do have a work in one of the prestigious and stable company in the country.. And I thank you Dear God for being so much good to me.. Promise I will do my part to take care of what you had given though it was far from my field..

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