Sunday, May 17, 2009

Job Hunting

Few weeks after holy week, bru and i spend time on searching for a job.. Neither related to our coarse or not,we do wanted to have any, for us not to waste our time waiting for our local board review... It was a really tiring experience for the two of us, especially for Bru because it is indeed her first time searching.. She has those butterflies in her stomach every time we were in a on the spot interview.. We have been to two job fair and happened nothing.. As coping to a tiring day, we often went to Mall of Asia to freshen' up,relax and discuss the whole day we've been through with then smile.. It was not really a great experience for Bru cause at the end of the day we both going home nothing and think for a new start tomorrow.. But as I always told her it is because we are in a real world now.. She was no longer that baby instead she has have now responsibility,serious responsibilities on her own and for her family...

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