Sunday, August 30, 2009

I am Selling My Samsung F480 2nd ED

It is a month old phone which was huny's gift to me last 34th month. This decision was actually approved and idea of him. Before I was dreaming of this phone as an alternative to huny's iphone 3G so as we were both using touch screen phones. It is also a touch screen phone and a 5.0 mega pixel camera with xenon flash..For more on specification see it on gsmarena and search for the phone model which is samsung sgh f480. It is quite not advisable to people love to send sms all the time even on a sleepy mode (a text addict hehehe)and also to those who are driving.. below is the complete phone package. Samsung F480 Ice Silver for only Php9,777.00
  • Package:
    • +++ box
    • +++ manual /leaflets
    • +++ CD-Rom Installer
    • +++ 1GB microSD
    • +++ authentic headset
    • +++ orig charger
    • +++ orig USB Data cable
    • +++ orig backplate
    • +++ backplate with leather
    • +++ battery
    • +++ Samsung F480 unit
  • Condition:
  • === OPENLINE
  • === very smooth, good as new
  • === modified firmware[includes the background,font,more widgets etc]
  • === touchscreen sensitivity is more responsive
  • === good condition, not yet repaired
  • === with screen and camera lens protector intact
Actual Pic
  • call or text/PM:
  • 09064077157
  • 09238020583

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now I'm Back

Time has really passed by so quick.. Can't even did anything more worthy on my leave. But nevertheless no regrets I enjoyed everyday of it. There are really such things that needs to be wait. I can't hurry things as much as what I wanted it to happen. So I have decided for one thing wait and chill.It is really true what almost all parents told to their children. That when you already finished your studies you can manage yourself then.Now I am back for work.. Lonely nights for Hun..As a matter of fact, my work doesn't gave me any pressure, at all. The thing that makes me felt pressured was leaving Huny every night with a drama/joke expression on his face.. I know and he actually said he don't want me not beside him..He's having insomnia and needs to wait me in the morning before he can sleep better. And I don't want to torture him too long.. I must do something. As for the moment come what may scenario bring into me afterwards I will finalized my decision....

Monday, August 24, 2009



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Angel Transform

Quite interesting about my title? hehehe just to mess things out and caught curiosities. Sounds weird..Anyway it's about our only angel in the family, my nephew Cj.He's been confined last Friday. My brother and his sister in law( whom to be the one taking care of Cj) told me that before he was confined it's been three days that our angel doesn't ate anything. Even as simply as water! How come he can still survive for it. Thinking he was only a two year old toddler, he can bear the suffering on it. And even he never eats he was still as naugthy as he was except for not talking that much. He even waited for his parents for him to brought to the hospital. FYI our angels doesn't live with his parents but instead with his grandma and aunt.He only sees his mom and dad every weekends but they always call either everyday or every time they had a free time. The angel is now quite good in using cellular phone. Back then to the story angel transformed, he's now more brave facing nurses, syringes and medications. He actually prepare his self for it. I am a bit surprised knowing it. Last Sunday, my brother ask me a favor of looking after his son at the hospital since I am on leave.Since I am not doing anything more important, I agreed and it's my pleasure to be with our angel. We (my brother Mike and me) traveled for 3 hours from Cavite to San Pablo Laguna. upon arriving at first angel was not in the mood to entertain visitors at 12'o clock in the evening. But then only few minutes counts and he was showing new tricks to us the visitors. And as I was saying he's quite mature at his age. He can recall the routine of the nurses all the time of the day or any procedure may done unto him. He even prepared and make his self look good somehow upon his Pediatrician came and give a smile to her.. He knows what to do next. The doctor didn't even say a word what to do because he initiates, and with no resistance. How easy is it to be his nurse and doctor. Usually toddlers afraid of needles, nurses and doctors but not him.. Our angel is now transforming into a good obedient little kid..So happy observing this progress. Cross my finger hope my children would be as obedient and cool as my nephew.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Think Twice

  • Sliding further out of grasp
  • I find myself standing here
  • In the same spot you left me
  • So alone and almost outta air
  • Align CenterI lift my head n take a deep
  • Breath and let it out…
  • Is this really happening to me
  • Whats all this all really about?
  • A million questions a second
  • Racing so so very fast through
  • My head I'm bout to lose it
  • Trippin you say…
  • I don’t think so
  • Well maybe a little so please don’t try understanding all this
  • Because ill tell you straight up
  • There's pieces your gonna miss
  • So this time ill change it up
  • This time the questions for you
  • When you see your life flash before
  • Your eyes will you too…
  • Be ashamed of who you become
  • How you lived or who you did wrong?
  • You don’t gotta answer to me my friend But you sure…
  • Ur guaranteed so long
  • That you have all the time you need
  • To fix all the mistakes and broken
  • Pieces of your life before its too late
  • Or will it be ur ass that’s smoking

Sunday's Best

Yesterday we attended a christening for hon's God daughter. Quite unexpected that the family of their former driver is a Born Again in religion.. We were both surprised knowing it and attending almost a two hour mass excluded the christening mass itself (they call it dedication) . And the ceremony(the christening) almost took one and a half hour before it ends.. I am not complaining about it but it just that I am not used to it.. Attending ceremonies that took that long.. Also hon too.. The funny thing about it was the rest of the Godparents were also Catholic like us and feeling the same thing as I was(surprised).. Just for a clarification, I am not laughing at their rituals, I am laughing at the reactions from the Godparents I have seen.. After the event since the Meadowood Village was only headed from SM Bacoor, we decided to stay and have a short visit at the mall were Honey once worked.. He visited his former co-employees and bring something for them.. While strolling at the mall we end up ourselves at the movie haus part of the mall and stared amazingly at the tarpaulin posted of the movie G.I JOE. . We have talked before we enter the mall that we are not spending too much for that day and we decided to save more money for future reasons.. Staring at the poster make us feel both eager and urge to watch for the said movie.. Hon and I were being practical nowadays, watching dvd's at home while having our favorite foods to accompany us. It is more less expensive and we can watch more than one movie in a day. Since this certain movie keep calling our curiosity we decided then to watched it and again make a promise that this would be the last time we will spending too much for a day. No regrets! the movie was awesome!.. It is a combination of six great movie concepts naming TRANSFORMER, ROBOCOP,X-MEN,STAR WARS,MATRIX AND IRON MAN. It was another must to see movie I could refer to. I really like the movie unfortunately I cannot elaborate the details that made me like it.. All I can say the amount anybody would spent was worth for the movie.. Find and see it for yourself guys...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Polite And Soft-Spoken?

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog Some of here true , some were not.. It only proves more everyone has a unique identity no one nor nothing can prevail even for they so called stars, zodiacs etc.. Have a Happy Weekends!! Ciao!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Life of Juan(a) Tamad!!

I am on leave for work for about a month. I enjoy being at home surfing almost all day and all nigth long.. I still have my own money to spare and mom didn't even ask me to clean nor was clothes.. This is somehow I wanted.. Feeling Senorita!! And I didn't get bored..hahaha.. I know this is not a good habit but still I am aware that this took only for this month.. Mom letting me feel to be free from task and work besides right after graduation I immediately work to earn money. Actually my real plan was to process my documents for the upcoming nursing liscensure exam. Take a review. And as early as now process or choose to what nursing liscensure exam abroad I may took.. Since the situation was not that good to me, some conflicts arriving and need to be wait for a matter of time, I can't move on to do what I supposed to be doing..So here I am a modern female version of Juan Tamad!...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Miss My Ice Cream Budd..

Remember the time when Formales was having a lecture, we are sitting in front and we keep on laughing for what reason( we can't remember), we can't control our laughs that made other classmates notice us even the professor..And Bhadz seemed to be annoyed because we are still laughing.. until today I can't even remember what was the reason.. Maybe we are just happy that so happy.. I will never ever forget that time of my life.. I was a total insane while studying..
  • We laugh even without reason
  • We are mean
  • We talk everything under the sun
  • She saw me in every aspect(even naked one ^_^)
  • She listens
  • She can't give any perfect or near perfect advices
  • She always get mad at me but I can still make her smile
  • She always want me to combs my hair
  • She always wants me to be sexy in every clothes I wore
  • She always lend me a hankie, a tissue, an eyeliner and even gave me own lip gloss
  • She knows I always forgot anything in any event
  • She believes in me
  • She always makes me tough by her own way
  • She always lift me when I feel down
  • She filled my soul mates shortcomings
  • She shares everything on her life as well as I did
  • I taught her to be naughty
  • I shared part of my life with her
  • I knew she loved me as a sister
I miss her so badly.. But time now is different and she chose to be different. I'm tired of reaching out, by time she will understand what I am trying to impose.. I just miss you bru.. Soon everything will be fine... Be brave, be tough.. If you want it on your own, I'll let you alone or rather if you found someone better to lean on ..I am so much happy for you..
  • Bru is signing off....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A New Addiction

I've not updated my blog because of a new addiction I was into.. It was always being at facebook.. I was so addict on their applications it have.. One of those was the restaurant city. It was about running your own restaurant and designing it as well.. Here's my restaurant..
This is how it looks outside my Restaurant it's name was Nostalgia 24
And the inside shot..
It wasn't that great or elegant as the real restaurant goes but proudly I can say i only started last Saturday dawn..And here's what I have already..hehehe

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half in Daze

How will I start?.. hmmm.. A good opportunity knocks last night.. Offering me a job as a nurse, paying my ticket,an apartment to stay, give me a working visa. What a very best opportunity I ever heard! As I was watching news, currently thousands of nurses does not have work as of the moment, they were already Registered Nurses still finding a hard time to look for a job. I already mentioned that I am not yet a RN here at the Philippines. Never take the local board yet. The angel sent from above still say it was fine. He was the one to process everything regarding to my papers. I just have to provide 1,700 pounds=137,908.42 PHP for my working visa. He was actually say that he could shoulder the visa payment but unfortunately not at this time. Where on earth will I get that such sum of money!!.. I will having my own flat located at 30 Leicester Square. City, London and the medical institution I am going to work for is at Hermes Medical Solutions Grove House 2 Orange St, London, basically on google maps it took only 30 mins by walk to go unto work. The offer 850 pounds a week excluding allowances. So probably it was a total of 68,816.29 PHP for a weekIsn't it a great offer?..I have verified the angel's background, He was indeed a known reputable chairman of the said hospital, he was also an Engineer.. He was actually mom's friend for about a year or two in yahoo messenger. He is currently looking for a nanny of his kids and mom offered my cousin and mention my current status on my career. He mentioned they will be needing a nurse that's why he is willing to help. But the thing that upset me is he was saying that it only took 21 days to process my visa he will be sending my ticket and I have to provide 137,908.42 for my! in 21 days where on earth I would get that money!! I first actually thought this might be a scam but upon checking necessary details about him and also he is willing to give information that I asks. I even asks my friend staying at London for the profile of this person and yes she said indeed it was not a scam.. Now I am half in daze on what decision I may come up...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Award

thanks Jeanie to this Friendship love award..

Both need to Breathe

We went home last Sunday morning, to visit our families and also to be with them.. We were somehow expecting a good either an at home aura but unfortunately what welcomes us both were tons of problems. Problems related to money issues.. We were both tired of working for the whole week and not to be expecting to be welcome by those stuffs.. We both aware of those but just for a moment we wanted to breathe first.. We are not complaining both because we understood its our family but what just we just wanted was a piece of time and place to relax.. After being burned for those complains, We decided both to went somewhere else where we could somehow feel free of hassles.. We found ourselves walking through the vicinity of our place, chatting and talking about old happy memories.. While given with the strength of cigars..Our foot lead us to Seph's place where we really enjoy their simple cool stories with C2 and Jong.. It was really true that friends could make you smile..After wards we went home and here it is again facing the real life and preparing for it.. The more problems have given the more we rely to each other and strengthen our relationship.. As what I always say, think of the positive way around, those trials were given for us to value much each other for staying together, loving and helping..


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