Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Angel Transform

Quite interesting about my title? hehehe just to mess things out and caught curiosities. Sounds weird..Anyway it's about our only angel in the family, my nephew Cj.He's been confined last Friday. My brother and his sister in law( whom to be the one taking care of Cj) told me that before he was confined it's been three days that our angel doesn't ate anything. Even as simply as water! How come he can still survive for it. Thinking he was only a two year old toddler, he can bear the suffering on it. And even he never eats he was still as naugthy as he was except for not talking that much. He even waited for his parents for him to brought to the hospital. FYI our angels doesn't live with his parents but instead with his grandma and aunt.He only sees his mom and dad every weekends but they always call either everyday or every time they had a free time. The angel is now quite good in using cellular phone. Back then to the story angel transformed, he's now more brave facing nurses, syringes and medications. He actually prepare his self for it. I am a bit surprised knowing it. Last Sunday, my brother ask me a favor of looking after his son at the hospital since I am on leave.Since I am not doing anything more important, I agreed and it's my pleasure to be with our angel. We (my brother Mike and me) traveled for 3 hours from Cavite to San Pablo Laguna. upon arriving at first angel was not in the mood to entertain visitors at 12'o clock in the evening. But then only few minutes counts and he was showing new tricks to us the visitors. And as I was saying he's quite mature at his age. He can recall the routine of the nurses all the time of the day or any procedure may done unto him. He even prepared and make his self look good somehow upon his Pediatrician came and give a smile to her.. He knows what to do next. The doctor didn't even say a word what to do because he initiates, and with no resistance. How easy is it to be his nurse and doctor. Usually toddlers afraid of needles, nurses and doctors but not him.. Our angel is now transforming into a good obedient little kid..So happy observing this progress. Cross my finger hope my children would be as obedient and cool as my nephew.

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