Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half in Daze

How will I start?.. hmmm.. A good opportunity knocks last night.. Offering me a job as a nurse, paying my ticket,an apartment to stay, give me a working visa. What a very best opportunity I ever heard! As I was watching news, currently thousands of nurses does not have work as of the moment, they were already Registered Nurses still finding a hard time to look for a job. I already mentioned that I am not yet a RN here at the Philippines. Never take the local board yet. The angel sent from above still say it was fine. He was the one to process everything regarding to my papers. I just have to provide 1,700 pounds=137,908.42 PHP for my working visa. He was actually say that he could shoulder the visa payment but unfortunately not at this time. Where on earth will I get that such sum of money!!.. I will having my own flat located at 30 Leicester Square. City, London and the medical institution I am going to work for is at Hermes Medical Solutions Grove House 2 Orange St, London, basically on google maps it took only 30 mins by walk to go unto work. The offer 850 pounds a week excluding allowances. So probably it was a total of 68,816.29 PHP for a weekIsn't it a great offer?..I have verified the angel's background, He was indeed a known reputable chairman of the said hospital, he was also an Engineer.. He was actually mom's friend for about a year or two in yahoo messenger. He is currently looking for a nanny of his kids and mom offered my cousin and mention my current status on my career. He mentioned they will be needing a nurse that's why he is willing to help. But the thing that upset me is he was saying that it only took 21 days to process my visa he will be sending my ticket and I have to provide 137,908.42 for my visa.wow! in 21 days where on earth I would get that money!! I first actually thought this might be a scam but upon checking necessary details about him and also he is willing to give information that I asks. I even asks my friend staying at London for the profile of this person and yes she said indeed it was not a scam.. Now I am half in daze on what decision I may come up...

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chubskulit said...

Just be very careful sis okay? It does sound great but take necessary precautions..

I would believe it if he will shoulder everything..

kha said...

Thanks ate.. Yeah I'm still in doubt although I have already verified the person to the UK Phil Embassy..


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