Sunday, August 30, 2009

I am Selling My Samsung F480 2nd ED

It is a month old phone which was huny's gift to me last 34th month. This decision was actually approved and idea of him. Before I was dreaming of this phone as an alternative to huny's iphone 3G so as we were both using touch screen phones. It is also a touch screen phone and a 5.0 mega pixel camera with xenon flash..For more on specification see it on gsmarena and search for the phone model which is samsung sgh f480. It is quite not advisable to people love to send sms all the time even on a sleepy mode (a text addict hehehe)and also to those who are driving.. below is the complete phone package. Samsung F480 Ice Silver for only Php9,777.00
  • Package:
    • +++ box
    • +++ manual /leaflets
    • +++ CD-Rom Installer
    • +++ 1GB microSD
    • +++ authentic headset
    • +++ orig charger
    • +++ orig USB Data cable
    • +++ orig backplate
    • +++ backplate with leather
    • +++ battery
    • +++ Samsung F480 unit
  • Condition:
  • === OPENLINE
  • === very smooth, good as new
  • === modified firmware[includes the background,font,more widgets etc]
  • === touchscreen sensitivity is more responsive
  • === good condition, not yet repaired
  • === with screen and camera lens protector intact
Actual Pic
  • call or text/PM:
  • 09064077157
  • 09238020583

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kha said...

Sold na xa...excited na q sa new fone...

Anonymous said...

Thank you gurl for the nice phone and very good conditioned one.. Salamat din sa patience nio na hintayin ako also to your hubby..


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