Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Miss My Ice Cream Budd..

Remember the time when Formales was having a lecture, we are sitting in front and we keep on laughing for what reason( we can't remember), we can't control our laughs that made other classmates notice us even the professor..And Bhadz seemed to be annoyed because we are still laughing.. until today I can't even remember what was the reason.. Maybe we are just happy that so happy.. I will never ever forget that time of my life.. I was a total insane while studying..
  • We laugh even without reason
  • We are mean
  • We talk everything under the sun
  • She saw me in every aspect(even naked one ^_^)
  • She listens
  • She can't give any perfect or near perfect advices
  • She always get mad at me but I can still make her smile
  • She always want me to combs my hair
  • She always wants me to be sexy in every clothes I wore
  • She always lend me a hankie, a tissue, an eyeliner and even gave me own lip gloss
  • She knows I always forgot anything in any event
  • She believes in me
  • She always makes me tough by her own way
  • She always lift me when I feel down
  • She filled my soul mates shortcomings
  • She shares everything on her life as well as I did
  • I taught her to be naughty
  • I shared part of my life with her
  • I knew she loved me as a sister
I miss her so badly.. But time now is different and she chose to be different. I'm tired of reaching out, by time she will understand what I am trying to impose.. I just miss you bru.. Soon everything will be fine... Be brave, be tough.. If you want it on your own, I'll let you alone or rather if you found someone better to lean on ..I am so much happy for you..
  • Bru is signing off....

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Leiyah said...

natouch naman ako..actually i do have a huge problem..medjo emo pa ko kaya ndi ko pa mashare..lammo nman ako iyakin as always..tska ayokong madamay pa kayo ni bhadz..but i'll share it to you soon..pag ndi ko na cguro kaya..i'll txt you nlng po..miss you so much..pasok npo ko..*hug..


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