Friday, August 14, 2009

Life of Juan(a) Tamad!!

I am on leave for work for about a month. I enjoy being at home surfing almost all day and all nigth long.. I still have my own money to spare and mom didn't even ask me to clean nor was clothes.. This is somehow I wanted.. Feeling Senorita!! And I didn't get bored..hahaha.. I know this is not a good habit but still I am aware that this took only for this month.. Mom letting me feel to be free from task and work besides right after graduation I immediately work to earn money. Actually my real plan was to process my documents for the upcoming nursing liscensure exam. Take a review. And as early as now process or choose to what nursing liscensure exam abroad I may took.. Since the situation was not that good to me, some conflicts arriving and need to be wait for a matter of time, I can't move on to do what I supposed to be doing..So here I am a modern female version of Juan Tamad!...

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