Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now I'm Back

Time has really passed by so quick.. Can't even did anything more worthy on my leave. But nevertheless no regrets I enjoyed everyday of it. There are really such things that needs to be wait. I can't hurry things as much as what I wanted it to happen. So I have decided for one thing wait and chill.It is really true what almost all parents told to their children. That when you already finished your studies you can manage yourself then.Now I am back for work.. Lonely nights for Hun..As a matter of fact, my work doesn't gave me any pressure, at all. The thing that makes me felt pressured was leaving Huny every night with a drama/joke expression on his face.. I know and he actually said he don't want me not beside him..He's having insomnia and needs to wait me in the morning before he can sleep better. And I don't want to torture him too long.. I must do something. As for the moment come what may scenario bring into me afterwards I will finalized my decision....

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