Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Think Twice

  • Sliding further out of grasp
  • I find myself standing here
  • In the same spot you left me
  • So alone and almost outta air
  • Align CenterI lift my head n take a deep
  • Breath and let it out…
  • Is this really happening to me
  • Whats all this all really about?
  • A million questions a second
  • Racing so so very fast through
  • My head I'm bout to lose it
  • Trippin you say…
  • I don’t think so
  • Well maybe a little so please don’t try understanding all this
  • Because ill tell you straight up
  • There's pieces your gonna miss
  • So this time ill change it up
  • This time the questions for you
  • When you see your life flash before
  • Your eyes will you too…
  • Be ashamed of who you become
  • How you lived or who you did wrong?
  • You don’t gotta answer to me my friend But you sure…
  • Ur guaranteed so long
  • That you have all the time you need
  • To fix all the mistakes and broken
  • Pieces of your life before its too late
  • Or will it be ur ass that’s smoking

2 ♥ warming appeal(s):

jean said...

hahaha... emo!!!

kha said...

wala lang magawa...


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