Monday, September 28, 2009

Jacque Bermejo

As everyone in the country or rather the whole world busy trying to help by all means to the victims of typhoon Ondoy,one name attracts me as it is now widely spread to the web. This certain person named Jacque Bermejo whom used words which made every Filipino cursed her. Using such a phrase "buti na lang am hir in dubai maybe so many sinners bak der!so year deerving wat happend!", does not make sense at all. That same phrases made her name famous now accompanied by cursed. But one of her networking account explains by her so called brother that her accounts from friendster, multiply to facebook has been hacked by someone who hates her most and such the one responsible doing this stuff. On my own opinion, upon reaching her sites and reading those negative words neither she nor the person used her accounts utter towards our fellowmen and the tragedy we have been, this really make someone hate her most. Me either felt bad towards her.Thinking that another Filipino living/working abroad and not affected by the tragedy, can say such words for her countrymen making everybody ashamed that she(Jacque Bermejo) is indeed a Filipino. Trying to analyze things if her account was hacked, and the person hates her did this in purpose, he/ she (the one did all of this) also a Filipino. How would someone can said all those words pertaining to his/her native land.The one who is mad to this Jacqueline Bermejo must be now joyful making her goal of ruining her/his enemy's life but doesn't think that she/ he himself/herself was also ruined by her own acts. But anyways hating her or them doesn't help, as one blogger post if she was earning through her blog then she made it to earned that much making such an awful act.Instead focusing on these issues, I'd rather make my own way helping and praying for those victims of the tragedy. Eventually truth will reveal pertaining to this person, and if unfortunately not, God will do the rest. If someone wants to sneak on her accounts here is the links.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Have a Strong Faith on Him

As of this moment everybody or everyone praying for each' safety. Just have a strong faith on Him in the middle of this crisis. Never ask Him why. Everything is in purpose. It's His will. No matter how hurtful for us to be the outcome of what we are currently suffering just hold unto Him. In the middle of this tragedy He,we can only rely to. Don't take it as a punishment. He never ever punished us no matter what our sins.It is another lesson in life we have to learned. Again looking at the bright side we were again united by his will. Every one reaching everybody for help. Everyone show cares. I believe this is how He works.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Von Voyage Bro

I was surprised last night upon arriving home that my brother is about to leave today. He again will be far from us for about 10 months. Living with his own, new comrades, unfamiliar faces and quite dangerous journey.But he chose it and he's enjoying what he's doing.As a mater of fact he was quite excited not only because he will be earning again but the though of missing sailing. The waves, the cabin, the kitchen where his ultimate place to work in.And especially he mentioned the new crew mates. He was that fond of making friends with different races. Way back in college,when I was still studying, the voyage of his was seemed to be described as a sacrifice. Sacrifice for me, to provide for my studies. Sacrifice for us his family, to provide for what we needs. At his early age he replaced our late father's responsibility. Though for some time we often argue, my bro even though his that irritatingly naughty he was still a best brother. Actually it was just his way of showing love (still I am not used to it and still I was always irritated yet he was happy seeing me irritated by him). Though he was either bullied by his friends or making fun of, it's just his way of being friendly. Often times why I hate his friends due to the fact that they were only befriended to my brother if they need something to him. Favor or anything else.They were users. I hate he was treated like that.But he was still that kind to be a friend to those kind of people surrounds him. He was aware of it yet he chose not to feel bad towards instead sincerely making real friendship. I am not as good as his. I know I am mean. I don't wear those patience he, my second brother and my mom had. I am stubborn I accept. That simply shows or me known of being a witch in the family. Just as this show that I am belonged to a truly kind- hearted persons. I was so thankful being part of them though I am a lot different. Do take care a lot dear brother. I know wherever your journey take you God is always with you because for real you are indeed a good person. It is quite a new feeling not being with you before you leave. But I do know you understand. Take care and Godspeed.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The BPS...

It's been 7 years since we last celebrated or had a get together party at our house. After the high school graduation, everyone took different path.Two of the peers became moms, one have had to migrate in not so far place, I have had to continue college in Manila, some busy working and some also busy studying(as if! hehehe). And it seems so hard to booked for a time for each and everyone to see each other.. Even birthdays and holidays passed by just by a simple greeting through technology. Though the thought was there yet it still different being together, greeting personally. To think that we were only living at one place not that a bigger community except for one, its really a hard thing to see each other due to our schedules and commitments. Finally we've got the best slot for everyone to have a reunion and that was last Sunday of August, the 30th. It's a nice feeling seeing again the old peeps. Those whom you enjoyed your teenage life with. Those whom you are with when curiosity attacks. Those who still guides even at the same age. The old dramas, the old laughs. Why BPS? For some reason I keep on laughing about it as I remembered where the hell group name got. It's in the pen's name.Why? Just nothing. Aivee was drunk and the pen was the first thing she saw with a name after Laura ask for our groups name. Non particularly a description at all. Way back in high school, I was belonged to a sectioned named after a type of tree which is Banaba. We have had our class adviser which was an old maid teacher who seems anemic because of her color for being so pale. Her name was Ms. Bautista. Our group consist of 11 females with some extra guys..hahaha. It is a hobby for us way back then drinking alcohol beverages even at school and we were in a class. Sorao even cutting mine or Carol's hair as our values education subject runs. And Aivee when drunk keep on popping a bubble gum to annoyed teachers and blame somebody she saw near to her if she was caught . Rosie a Cadette officer abuses her authority by commanding the Cadette under her supervision to buy for our alcohol. Jean the ever dearest flirt hahaha..Sarah the forever and still firm and proper.The cousins in crime Laura and Vanessa.And our visitor from Alabang haha Tin.And Chel our import from a different section which is Tin's bestfriend. (from left to rigth)Vanessa,Jean,Sarah,Tin,Rosie & daughter Akira,Aivee,me,Sorao,Laura,Jr,Nymed and Franklin
This means that this group was still incomplete..Btw the guys were the former crushes/bf of some in BPS(need not to mentioned cause it absolutely means war if I did..hahaha). The guys were also former famous dancers of the school during our times.. Actually guys consist of 6 members which is Nymed,Jr, Franklin, (those were the three guys present)Pogs(missing in action),William(he was also in a party during the reunion momentum), Joseph (family a father of two kids). After enjoying at our crib Jr's cousin/brother arrived and invited for a joyride to Tagaytay but since girls were little bit tipsy, majority chose to have some poured soup somewhere near. Afterwards since the joyride was not pursued( and guys cannot pursued or insist to drunk powerful girls haha)Jr instead invited us in his Bar/ Grill to chill and to drink more. FYI Jr was now running a bar at our place. And he manages it good. Upon seeing it inside it is quite impressive.. The drinking session last until 4 in the morning. For the record there was a scene happened beforehand but not to spoil this post and for the benefit of Laura it wouldn't be mentioned in detailed..haha.. Those guys who were absent at the reunion you've missed a scenario..hahaha


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