Saturday, September 12, 2009

Von Voyage Bro

I was surprised last night upon arriving home that my brother is about to leave today. He again will be far from us for about 10 months. Living with his own, new comrades, unfamiliar faces and quite dangerous journey.But he chose it and he's enjoying what he's doing.As a mater of fact he was quite excited not only because he will be earning again but the though of missing sailing. The waves, the cabin, the kitchen where his ultimate place to work in.And especially he mentioned the new crew mates. He was that fond of making friends with different races. Way back in college,when I was still studying, the voyage of his was seemed to be described as a sacrifice. Sacrifice for me, to provide for my studies. Sacrifice for us his family, to provide for what we needs. At his early age he replaced our late father's responsibility. Though for some time we often argue, my bro even though his that irritatingly naughty he was still a best brother. Actually it was just his way of showing love (still I am not used to it and still I was always irritated yet he was happy seeing me irritated by him). Though he was either bullied by his friends or making fun of, it's just his way of being friendly. Often times why I hate his friends due to the fact that they were only befriended to my brother if they need something to him. Favor or anything else.They were users. I hate he was treated like that.But he was still that kind to be a friend to those kind of people surrounds him. He was aware of it yet he chose not to feel bad towards instead sincerely making real friendship. I am not as good as his. I know I am mean. I don't wear those patience he, my second brother and my mom had. I am stubborn I accept. That simply shows or me known of being a witch in the family. Just as this show that I am belonged to a truly kind- hearted persons. I was so thankful being part of them though I am a lot different. Do take care a lot dear brother. I know wherever your journey take you God is always with you because for real you are indeed a good person. It is quite a new feeling not being with you before you leave. But I do know you understand. Take care and Godspeed.

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