Sunday, October 18, 2009

Funny Truth

Just finished watching Ang Pinaka Show (Top Pick) hosted by hunk named Rovilson Fernandez and the topic was about the worst irritating facebook user. They've got their top ten picks. Which absolutely a funny truth. Since I started to became an addict to facebook applications got noticed some oft he mentioned pasaway facebook user admit for some fact I am also guilty. Here's the top ten list.
  1. The Let_Me_Tell_You_Every_Detail_of_My_Day_Updater
  2. The TMI_er
  3. The Friend Padder
  4. Self-Promoter
  5. Crank
  6. The Chronic Inviter
  7. The Bad Grammarian
  8. The Papparazzo
  9. The Obscurist
  10. The Sympathy Baiter
To those who are interested to watch for these episode here's the link 4-3
enjoy.. and laugh if you are also guilty..lolz

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