Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jean Finally Hit the Spot

Last July, My friend Jean posted about hitting the spot . Telling stories of pregnancy about common friends. And as I have read it right she was also wishing when she will be going to hit her spot! Finally she did!..I mean she and Joey did..hahaha.. 

I went to her place yesterday just to ask for something not so important, when she shared me the good news. I not even beleive at first because she always kid on me about pregnancy!. But after I have had internalized the reality she's saying I felt so excited for her. She will be having her baby, aside from her bhaby (joey). She's going to be a mom! I even ask her what would be the baby's name!hehehe Yey! It's one of the great great gift she received before her birthday. And another baby will be born with the BPS! So excited as in!. Hopefully Jean wouldn't suffer too much from pregnancy. Knowing Jean, her immune system became quite weak after way back what happened before as we had a conversation last night. She need and a must to be as healthy as she can for the sake of her baby and also herself. I advised her to find her Obstetrician Gynecologist as early as now. So that she and her baby will be taking care that well. As for Joey, I am so bow to this guy after all the hardships he have been through with Jean,(given by Jean lol) he really proves his love for her. And I will surely know he would take care that much for his now family. Friend Congratulations!.. I envy you both. But that was just as that. I think I am still not yet ready. hehehe.. 

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JENIE said...

exciting huh?! i should know, i once was pregnant ;)

well, congratulations to beth.hope u visit my other blogs too
life round me N you
earthy me

jean said...

hehehe... tnx kha! grabe hirap pla mgbuntis! sbrang nhihirpan ako...


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