Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Dawn Joke

A true to life story happened Dec 12,200 at 1:45 am at Kalayaan Rd West Rembo Makati

There was a lady trying to surprise her mom on her birthday. Although she's out of bucks. She was trying to find some resources to finance the said event of the family.She end-up deciding loosing one important thing for the most important person of her life. The plan was made. But really His greatness above is incomparable. He sent again another result on her dilemma. That make her keep the important thing and please the important person.The little family gathering went well. She was now ready and went back to her life as a customer's representative. In her way outta work a scenario unexpectedly happened. Standing,waiting for a vehicle to ride in where an unexpectedly:

One drunk teenage guy approach:

Can I have some 20 bucks?

The lady snob assuming it wasn't her the the teenage guy talking with.

Two more drunk teenage guy came over.

The lady step back in her suspense the guy ask him for 20 bucks is already at her back.

She was now inside the three teenage drunk guys, defending her safety she never acts panicked she stays calm and ask why to the guys.

The other guy answered. We just need some bucks. We're out of alcohol and we need more.

The lady answered: Got no bucks neither. Enough only for my fare going to work. I didn't even wait here for a cab neither but a jeep.

The third guy answered: Just give us what was on your hand or we gotta get everything with your bag.

The lady still in composure not panicking and trying to find some way how to sneak out of the three but shortly asked. Is it a joke?

The first guy at her back show something sharp edge shivering and say Do you think it is?

The lady answered okay here. Just don't hurt me. I will fight if one of you attempt to either touch me.

The third guy answered again. I just told you we needed some addition for our drinks. We are not going to hurt you.

The lady still asked question. Why does it need for me to give you the purse(containing the cellphone but not mentioning it is).

The guy with a thing answered: It looks expensive and nice. we can use it also.

The lady utter a bad word. Then 3 guys left her.

Got nothing to do but to went back to where she stay and wait for a hero after dawn.


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