Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Odd to be Part of Someone's Life

 I am not in regret having few very few people I trusted of my life.All about my life.The reality of what Karren is. And being part of my life also given me the chance to be then accepted to their life. But it's kinda odd feeling when some stuffs happen never in your whole life figured out will happened. Knowing the persons you welcomed in your life. But as my motto expect nothing..So it comes to be it.But I am just human though I tried not but I can still feel disappointments. Nevertheless be carefree would be the best attitude I shall learn. After everything happened I noticed myself being aloof to people. Afraid of having someone to called real trusted friend.Trusting no one. Aside from people I used to trust before. That's the dilemma. The actual result. Being part of someone's life and feeling odd after wards not a good experience at all. I don't want to close door but as of the moment I just feel giving value much to people I have from the beginning rather than accepting new.Be a good person, be a friend but not a very dear friend.

I just want to breath.

Actually this feeling already gone and overcome..Just want to breath and share the thoughts of the dilemma happened before.. way back 5 months ago..hehehe

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