Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Signing Off 2009

Than you  so much for tagging me for this post Ate Jennie . Ive been so busy lately I was so disoriented of the dates..*wink*

Year 2009 was not been nice to me and it gave me  countless rough journey. Yet I am still thankful for these year because this was also the year wherein I guess or should I say I know to myself that I learned a lot more. Though the current year has been harsh to me no regrets for everything have had happened.For every tears fell down from my eyes, every disappointments and the laughters and joy as well. Looking forward for a more challenging and colorful year. Welcoming 2010 with full of thanks, more strengthen faith and a positive aura. Maybe I have been too late to realize that not everything will be given to you just means for some sort of little reason. Every inch has a huge purpose..2009 make me realize a lot, around me, my life and influencing other's life too.

Been tagging you guys for your signing off post.. 

Nhene,Clarisse,Chie,Te Rose,Joanne,Eden,Crissy,Lyle,Ate Ayeeh and Kat..

Enjoy and be Safe! Happy New Year!

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