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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Though It's Different


Christmas last year is a way different from this year. We are not prepared for our godchildren. We don't even bother to buy some even for our family members. We are in a gripped belt and pocket. A lot of changes after Huny's former company changed its line of business and it was his choice not to be part of it. Though it happened this way we don't have any regrets to it. It's happier this time. No material gifts to give to your love one's yet you can feel the real essence of Christmas without any. Somehow different because Huny will be celebrating at the office at the eve of it also the fact that it's our day but we both understand it. It's our job responsibilities. Not to worry too much because tomorrow we will be together again! Also new for this time is my Uncle is now in heaven. For me it's a good thing. He have had suffered so much from illness for 4 painful years and I know he was also waiting for this time to come. Though it's sad but everybody in the family was somehow happy because he can finally rest without pain and with the Almighty.

Though its a lot different I am not complaining for it ..Still thanking that at this moment in time I can still celebrate special days with my love ones. No one knows what will happen next so we should always be thanking for what has given today.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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ferry jHoi said...

iba iba nga kha.
I can't feel your presence.... the redhorse and any other stuffs...

pramdam naman this new year...

JENIE said...

true...there are yet more love ones to cheer.

everyone's seems caught up in the whirwind of activities

..but I am here dear to actually invite you to see me tag you on my signing off. hope to see you there...;)

**you are now linked in all 4 of my blogs, can i be linked now as well?