Friday, January 29, 2010


Hay, This will be the last topic about reminiscing a romantic and not-so-romantic past. For today's topic is the first boyfriend. My first boyfriend was introduced by my second-brother. Since here at our phase, children have had a so called childish fraternity and that composed all of the kids on our block and me and my brother belong to that. The fraternity seems to grow and other kids from other phases joined the troop. It was not a gang used to fight other gangs but instead it's a group which loves to go picnic at the place where our parents prohibits, the killer river on our place. There my first boyfriend whom noticed I am not a lesbian was named Marvelous. Everybody on our group also my brother treated me as a guy,but Marvelous was different to them. He shows concern and act gentlemen towards me though I act like one of the boys. Though he was being teased by our friends,treating a guy(me) like a girl, nothing change on the way he cared me. I don't exactly remember what was my age during that time but I know it was the time after my father died. I don't know if that was love or a peer pressure tsk tsk.lolz. He said he courted me for 3 months but I don't know what exactly how or what are the ways he courts, all that I know he was extra ordinary kind to me. The relationship took only for two weeks. Why? Somebody from our group, a female 3 years older to me and 4 years older to Marvelous,(I am a year older than him matangkad lang xa hahaha) offering herself to be her girlfriend instead of me since I am near a lesbian(she thought so!) My very first relationship was tried to steal by her..harharhar He never said yes to the girl instead he confess to me what did our "ate" told him. We talked and end up on a friendly break.We talk a lot of different things at early age I don't know where did the ideas came from. The very last statement really help us decide for break up was when he ask me if I can kiss him the way ( I am also his first gf )like we used to see how "ate" and "kuya" in the group does. Of coarse I said No!I'm a way too young for that first kiss!I thought so! He respects and I suggest to him that he could say yes to "ate's" offer so that he could try what was the feeling.In short curiosity held us apart by choice..hehehehe

Every Woman and Man Will Love

Soon the first month of the year is about to end. Here goes the Heart Month on the way!  So expect to have volumes of inquiries from friends,colleagues and forums about unique gifts or something to give to his or her special someone. It is really a practice  especially here at the Philippines to celebrate the Valentines day. One of the new held rather born tradition was the Lovapalooza Event, wherein most couples kissed as a record breaking scenario, but still essence of giving gifts to each other was never been excluded. It is the sweetest way a romantic lover extent more hir /her effort showing how much a person means to her/him. Aside from popular flower arrangement,stuff bears,cats and everything, and chocolates, you can find more interesting and forever keeps to give gifts on E-link .  Not only on this occasion this month, but they provide all kinds of accessories can use on all types of occasion. Just recently I just attended  Jean's wedding wherein Nhene and I were part of the entourage. Attending special occasions like that make lady's like us, go gaga for something to wear as an accessory to fit with the occasions we were going to attend to. And thinking of best accessory I can either wear or refer to my friends,addiction attacks me to browse for it on the web and that leads me E-links  which features awesome and stylish accessories,every woman and also man will love too.  I don't exactly know what was with this year(2010) have why I keep on hearing wedding bells any where. The fact that majority of my friends seeking for my help to organized their special day from minor to major details, though  I am not an event planner yet thanking them for the trust given to me,this website help me decide on what to say in corresponds to their queries. There are lots of options of whether designs and type of accessory that a woman will barely be inlove too. Also this will help my boy-friends,or should I say guy peers to be safe ;D gives an idea where they can look for a precious gifts to their sweethearts on this coming Heart's Day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

Haix.. There are times n ganito..feeling upset..feeling missing someone..Which is actually true naman.. It's been 13 long years since the last time you were with us. Though ganun katagal every inch of that moment I still can recall pa. Every moment with you still as fresh as yesterday.Every start of the year, here's the feeling usually bugs me again and again. I miss him a lot. How I wish he have more time. Kahit konti lang ang naidagdag sana,it was a very big thanks. Inaatake n naman ako ng inggit. Envy for the others who was with their father..Envy for the moments they have shared together as a family, as a complete family. Nakakatawang isipin for the people around me knew how I look positively not having a father for years,it is my defense mechanism making it look everything was fine. Ayoko kasi malungkot. And also the last words Papa told me,"wag kang iiyak pag umalis ako kasi mgkikita naman tayo"(shocks remembering the old days make me sob in tears)..Haixx dami ko gustong isulat but I might as well not to continue..nakakabasa ng palad..:p..hanggang ngayon bakit nakakaiyak p rin?..If only you were here. If only you stayed a little longer..If only...Daming if only..Wala naman akong sinisisi and I can also say naiintindihan q naman ang mga nangyayari, yung mga nangyari.. May mga times lang talaga na may mga ganung tanong.. We are trying to overcome emptiness to take for granted yung mga nakakalungkot na moments. Not only me, pag npagkkwentuha ganito din pala feeling nila kuya..nakakatuwa n nakakalungkot..Haixx life. We always look at it in a positive way, kahit minsan mahirap maging masaya kapag emo ka...Laging iisipin n lang na salamat sa kung anong meron at sa ngayon.. Anyway it's your birthday Papa.. Happy birthday..Spending 11 years(di pa lagi yun kasi nasa abroad ka)with you enough to always remember each and every details of it.. I understand that upon you leaving us also thought a lot in bearing experiences with you, puts me and kuya in that situation at a very young age. Every inch of it which now the three of us uses on our everyday life.. Soon we will going to meet again. I miss you so much.We misses you so much..

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Kiss from Nowhere

Hahahah what a title!..Been late posting these but still I will! For the sake of GT!yey! Anyway the least thing for me to share in here. A kiss from nowhere, yes it is at the age of 6. I don't know who was it. hahaha..Seriously! I still remebered the scenario, I was told by my mom to buy something(I guess it's brown sugar)lol in the store near at our house, while waiting for Nanay Eding to give me what I bought somebody stole me a kiss on my precious young bulky Since I am not used and I don't like fixing my hair..(I hate pony tails!)I never got the chance to look for who the nerve it was because my entire face was covered by my hair.!I just heard a kiss sound and something touch my cheeks.I saw a lot of unfamiliar faces on that store and it was not a good idea instead embarrassing one if I am going to ask them who did it!...All I know was I went home crying!hahaha(sa inis!)Right until this moment I was hoping I will know who the hell it was..(nang makaganti naman!)hehehe.. My first real kiss with consent lol happened the day when Thata and I cut our classes at our PEHM subject by Mr. Vargas,drank Ginebra San Miguel with Calamansi and was caught by our parents eventually because of her damned boyfriend Marlon.hahaha No need to elaborate more it was a conjoined naugthyness Jean is getting married tommorow(a way to escape)hahahaha..Best Regards Thata!..


Monday, January 18, 2010

OMG! Past

    Since today is Sunday ,got nothing interested to do or to watch for. So I decided to content myself browsing at the web. I started at my facebook account. Browsing friends profile,looking what's new to them and how are they as well. While browsing, one familiar name, very familiar caught my attention. It was my first serious ex-boyfriend's ex- girlfriend. Got confused?

Let me go ahead and detailed my first ever heartbreak..lolz. I fell in love too deeply and too seriously..I even let him decide for my future career..My first coarse when I was in college was computer science, when I stop for about a year due to financial concerns, I worked to save enough for my studies then that was the time I met him. I was only intended to stop for a year and then I will going to enroll on the next school semester.However my plan changed because of him. His pursuance to me to took an allied medicine coarse wherein he said I could earn more when I graduated rather than continuing my previous coarse..(pasenxa capital T---- in love daw kasi)..ginawa pang dahilan ung love... ;D..Then that's it. When I was about to enroll again I took up nursing. (He promised to support my career all the way till I finished it. )  Unfortunately I was a victim. A victim of myself's ignorance to life. He left me broken and just found out that the new one he was loolin around with was taking up a medical coarse (which is during that time the new girl is in her second(6th) year pre-med).. And the scenario before the girl even calls me begging to just let my currently boyfriend be with her because she was pregnant!Waaa! I've been with the guy for almost two years and they just met for about two months that time!.World crushed.. Feel so dumb... My mom told me that my name came from a person she knew a brave one. So I must be. I learned to moved on and cotinue build my crushed world. Move on Kha.And after the day he left me never got any news from him,(i never dare too!) but he was nice(very sarcastic). He indeed was. He keep on visiting me at our house! He was really getting into my nerves!But I chose not to mind them..Free myself from stress and heartaches.I have moved on and life get back to normal.

Going back to the present as I browsed a named hit me. The girl name. It has been seven long years yet I remembered the name in an instant. With the initials of M-C-L-G of Valenzuela .Out of curiousity I checked for the profile under that name. In my dissappointment, the girl doesn't deserves the deppression I suffered before because of her. If only I just knew I should've laugh instead..(evil mode)..Well anyway that was already the past. I will still be thankful to the person who have hurt me and make me tough to lead me where I am now. Just wanted to share this because as what I have written after the guy left me never got the courage to look after them..I already post about meeting him again here at my blog. I again smiled glorious victory..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

All About K


It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends as many as u want. USE THE FIRST LETTER OF YOUR NAME TO ANSWER EACH OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Karren

2. A four Letter Word : Kiss :D

3. A boy's Name : Kynwyl (A name of a Saint)

4. A girl's Name : Kadienne

5. An occupation : Kidney dialysis tech

6. A color : Kelly Green:P hahha

7. Something you'll wear :knee highs hehe

9. A food: Kisses Chocolate yum yum ;D

10. Something found in the bathroom: Killer smell Alright!hahaha

11. A place : KFC :p

12. A reason for being late : Kumain!:Dhaha

13. Something you'd shout : Kaazar!!!!:P

14. Movie title : Kull the Conqueror

15. Something you drink : Krupnik (honey vodka) Love it!

16. An animal : Koala

17. A street name : Kamagong hahaha

18. A type of car : Kia..

Hay It's kinda hard to think of those...haixx..

Friday, January 15, 2010


To You,
          To the person I have said "hi" earlier, I was opt to said that. Thinking that you might ignore me. I am ashamed of yet I don't know why but I shouldn't be. At first I wasn't looking at you because I am afraid for you to give me an rejection snob.I don't know how to approach you. If it is the scenario that pushed you not to reject my "hi" I gladly thank for it. I am happy.Really do, that for somehow I finally got the courage and you did not ignore me. If you might not asking you were my mentor in here.. I was reading your post even before it has a magenta template,change to shades of green, the quietly passionate and so on. Even before it was sniper--- url. I've been silently a reader of yours. Maybe you have been called a dry writer but what I know about you was, you just express your inner thoughts and share your experience.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mt. Romelo (Siniloan)

 Trekking to Mt. Romelo

Wee so exciting this topics hosted by Ate Niko. Nakakakabang nakakatuwa. Glad that  huny is so busy and not checking regularly my blog.

Batya-Batya Falls courtesy of Kuya Adolf(kahit d aq marunong at matuto-tuto lumangoy gusto q p rin ang tubig lolz)

Got my first date at Mt. Romelo. It was a climb and that was my first exposure on mountain climbing. I am 16 years old (2003) by that time a freshmen in the university when I joined the Women Soccer Varsity team. It happened that our team captain Jamir was into this kind of hobby. She was my mentor to soccer,mountain climbing and wall climbing.. She introduced me one of her fellow mountaineer named Ronnie. The guy used to watch our game at different universities,keep on following us and eventually told he was then courting (shocks)and so on became my boyfriend. Beforehand a plan was already settled for a group of mountaineers from Makati and Villamor(I am included yey!) to have a climb at Mt. Romelo and that was our first date as boyfriend/girlfriend status.
It was my first time to climb but since I am an athlete it doesn't seem to be hard on my part. Also Ron was always at my back to guide me and sometimes offer  to carry my bag but I refused to. Upon Arrival at the campsite group yell And in my surprise one of our mate announces that it was Ron's birthday that day and he was 10 years older than It doesn't look as it is.. It was his 26th birthday. Anyway he never mentioned about his age but our friends told me before he was only 23 even Jamir said so..whatever, he was so immature for me to think he was 26 lolz. Nanay Esther, the one whom have a store at Mt.Romelo told us about his real age, Ron has been  on Mt. Romelo formerly called rather famously called Mt. Famy, since he was 16 years old and sometimes stay with Nanay Esther's house.That's why she knew a lot about Ron.

photo courtesy of Kuya Adolf
 Buruwisan Falls(where I experienced my first Rappelling Lesson)

First date with him on his birthday..Visiting 9  beautiful falls of Famy.Maybe Ron was that old that's why he knows how to take care of younger ones. He came from a buena familia but a rebelious son. That's why he prefer of being out of their house most of the time. Amazingly because he knows a lot of household chores doing it on the mountain.(He was a brat when he was at the city and even have his own nanny to do the task for him). But he serves to be my nanny on the mountain hahaha. Masarap sya kasama sa bundok maasikaso at madiskarte d k He was also my first rappelling instructor at Buruwisan Falls.

So good to share the F-I-R-S-T-S.. Though it somehow nakaka-kaba for what might be the present ones reaction on it but then, all of these stories has been someone's past and  we  can't do anything to change it. So enjoy reading pasts and care to join at...

Friday, January 8, 2010

I was Once a Boy

Laughing out loud to my post title. But it’s true. Remembering the old days. I decided to be part of Ate Niko's topic for this month. Never aware of first crush by that time at my age but reminiscing the past well I can say he was the one.

First crush was the topic. My first crush named was Eric.
I used to be with the boys since birth. Being bullied by my brothers, playing with my cousins who composed of all boys. It was once happen that I doubt on my own preferences hahaha. Eric was my cousin’s neighbor at Taguig. We used to stay there when my Papa was diagnosed of Cancer.  Due to his condition, his brother wanted us (the whole family) to stay at their house. Eric was a playmate. He was 3 years older than me. Since we are a group of kids composed of boys, we love to play. He also became our playmate. The scenario, I was only the girl and he was only the guy whom not a relative. I never felt any special towards him but what I know was just that I really enjoy his company. We always bully him (our clan were mean) hahaha.. Yet he was still playing with us. The time I noticed him was when my Papa died. Everybody mourns and he was the one who accompanied me by that time. He always makes me smile after the tragic. He stays beside although we were not going to play. He comforts me that much. That was the time he was recognized by my cousins that there were something different to him towards me. Then we became an item to my cousins’ eyes and everyday tease us.

After my father’s wake and we had a visit to my Uncle’s house, I never got the chance to see him again. My cousin told me Eric’s family migrated to the province. We never got the chance to talk for the last time but he left me a letter.(kilig) Then that was it, never got the chance to thank him.

We have had met again after 6 years! OMG! He was a certified Hunk! An engineering student. The tall dark and handsome guy. Unfortunately, by that time I was a soccer varsity player of the University. Expect me to be pretty? Of course, I am definitely not! And still I am not that interested with boys. I was in love with my game!


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