Friday, January 15, 2010


To You,
          To the person I have said "hi" earlier, I was opt to said that. Thinking that you might ignore me. I am ashamed of yet I don't know why but I shouldn't be. At first I wasn't looking at you because I am afraid for you to give me an rejection snob.I don't know how to approach you. If it is the scenario that pushed you not to reject my "hi" I gladly thank for it. I am happy.Really do, that for somehow I finally got the courage and you did not ignore me. If you might not asking you were my mentor in here.. I was reading your post even before it has a magenta template,change to shades of green, the quietly passionate and so on. Even before it was sniper--- url. I've been silently a reader of yours. Maybe you have been called a dry writer but what I know about you was, you just express your inner thoughts and share your experience.


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