Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

Haix.. There are times n ganito..feeling upset..feeling missing someone..Which is actually true naman.. It's been 13 long years since the last time you were with us. Though ganun katagal every inch of that moment I still can recall pa. Every moment with you still as fresh as yesterday.Every start of the year, here's the feeling usually bugs me again and again. I miss him a lot. How I wish he have more time. Kahit konti lang ang naidagdag sana,it was a very big thanks. Inaatake n naman ako ng inggit. Envy for the others who was with their father..Envy for the moments they have shared together as a family, as a complete family. Nakakatawang isipin for the people around me knew how I look positively not having a father for years,it is my defense mechanism making it look everything was fine. Ayoko kasi malungkot. And also the last words Papa told me,"wag kang iiyak pag umalis ako kasi mgkikita naman tayo"(shocks remembering the old days make me sob in tears)..Haixx dami ko gustong isulat but I might as well not to continue..nakakabasa ng palad..:p..hanggang ngayon bakit nakakaiyak p rin?..If only you were here. If only you stayed a little longer..If only...Daming if only..Wala naman akong sinisisi and I can also say naiintindihan q naman ang mga nangyayari, yung mga nangyari.. May mga times lang talaga na may mga ganung tanong.. We are trying to overcome emptiness to take for granted yung mga nakakalungkot na moments. Not only me, pag npagkkwentuha ganito din pala feeling nila kuya..nakakatuwa n nakakalungkot..Haixx life. We always look at it in a positive way, kahit minsan mahirap maging masaya kapag emo ka...Laging iisipin n lang na salamat sa kung anong meron at sa ngayon.. Anyway it's your birthday Papa.. Happy birthday..Spending 11 years(di pa lagi yun kasi nasa abroad ka)with you enough to always remember each and every details of it.. I understand that upon you leaving us also thought a lot in bearing experiences with you, puts me and kuya in that situation at a very young age. Every inch of it which now the three of us uses on our everyday life.. Soon we will going to meet again. I miss you so much.We misses you so much..

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feRry'z WILL said...

Drama mo aman kha!!!
di ako sanay...

Anyway, Happy birth day kay Papa...


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