Friday, January 8, 2010

I was Once a Boy

Laughing out loud to my post title. But it’s true. Remembering the old days. I decided to be part of Ate Niko's topic for this month. Never aware of first crush by that time at my age but reminiscing the past well I can say he was the one.

First crush was the topic. My first crush named was Eric.
I used to be with the boys since birth. Being bullied by my brothers, playing with my cousins who composed of all boys. It was once happen that I doubt on my own preferences hahaha. Eric was my cousin’s neighbor at Taguig. We used to stay there when my Papa was diagnosed of Cancer.  Due to his condition, his brother wanted us (the whole family) to stay at their house. Eric was a playmate. He was 3 years older than me. Since we are a group of kids composed of boys, we love to play. He also became our playmate. The scenario, I was only the girl and he was only the guy whom not a relative. I never felt any special towards him but what I know was just that I really enjoy his company. We always bully him (our clan were mean) hahaha.. Yet he was still playing with us. The time I noticed him was when my Papa died. Everybody mourns and he was the one who accompanied me by that time. He always makes me smile after the tragic. He stays beside although we were not going to play. He comforts me that much. That was the time he was recognized by my cousins that there were something different to him towards me. Then we became an item to my cousins’ eyes and everyday tease us.

After my father’s wake and we had a visit to my Uncle’s house, I never got the chance to see him again. My cousin told me Eric’s family migrated to the province. We never got the chance to talk for the last time but he left me a letter.(kilig) Then that was it, never got the chance to thank him.

We have had met again after 6 years! OMG! He was a certified Hunk! An engineering student. The tall dark and handsome guy. Unfortunately, by that time I was a soccer varsity player of the University. Expect me to be pretty? Of course, I am definitely not! And still I am not that interested with boys. I was in love with my game!

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