Friday, January 29, 2010


Hay, This will be the last topic about reminiscing a romantic and not-so-romantic past. For today's topic is the first boyfriend. My first boyfriend was introduced by my second-brother. Since here at our phase, children have had a so called childish fraternity and that composed all of the kids on our block and me and my brother belong to that. The fraternity seems to grow and other kids from other phases joined the troop. It was not a gang used to fight other gangs but instead it's a group which loves to go picnic at the place where our parents prohibits, the killer river on our place. There my first boyfriend whom noticed I am not a lesbian was named Marvelous. Everybody on our group also my brother treated me as a guy,but Marvelous was different to them. He shows concern and act gentlemen towards me though I act like one of the boys. Though he was being teased by our friends,treating a guy(me) like a girl, nothing change on the way he cared me. I don't exactly remember what was my age during that time but I know it was the time after my father died. I don't know if that was love or a peer pressure tsk tsk.lolz. He said he courted me for 3 months but I don't know what exactly how or what are the ways he courts, all that I know he was extra ordinary kind to me. The relationship took only for two weeks. Why? Somebody from our group, a female 3 years older to me and 4 years older to Marvelous,(I am a year older than him matangkad lang xa hahaha) offering herself to be her girlfriend instead of me since I am near a lesbian(she thought so!) My very first relationship was tried to steal by her..harharhar He never said yes to the girl instead he confess to me what did our "ate" told him. We talked and end up on a friendly break.We talk a lot of different things at early age I don't know where did the ideas came from. The very last statement really help us decide for break up was when he ask me if I can kiss him the way ( I am also his first gf )like we used to see how "ate" and "kuya" in the group does. Of coarse I said No!I'm a way too young for that first kiss!I thought so! He respects and I suggest to him that he could say yes to "ate's" offer so that he could try what was the feeling.In short curiosity held us apart by choice..hehehehe

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