Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mt. Romelo (Siniloan)

 Trekking to Mt. Romelo

Wee so exciting this topics hosted by Ate Niko. Nakakakabang nakakatuwa. Glad that  huny is so busy and not checking regularly my blog.

Batya-Batya Falls courtesy of Kuya Adolf(kahit d aq marunong at matuto-tuto lumangoy gusto q p rin ang tubig lolz)

Got my first date at Mt. Romelo. It was a climb and that was my first exposure on mountain climbing. I am 16 years old (2003) by that time a freshmen in the university when I joined the Women Soccer Varsity team. It happened that our team captain Jamir was into this kind of hobby. She was my mentor to soccer,mountain climbing and wall climbing.. She introduced me one of her fellow mountaineer named Ronnie. The guy used to watch our game at different universities,keep on following us and eventually told he was then courting (shocks)and so on became my boyfriend. Beforehand a plan was already settled for a group of mountaineers from Makati and Villamor(I am included yey!) to have a climb at Mt. Romelo and that was our first date as boyfriend/girlfriend status.
It was my first time to climb but since I am an athlete it doesn't seem to be hard on my part. Also Ron was always at my back to guide me and sometimes offer  to carry my bag but I refused to. Upon Arrival at the campsite group yell And in my surprise one of our mate announces that it was Ron's birthday that day and he was 10 years older than It doesn't look as it is.. It was his 26th birthday. Anyway he never mentioned about his age but our friends told me before he was only 23 even Jamir said so..whatever, he was so immature for me to think he was 26 lolz. Nanay Esther, the one whom have a store at Mt.Romelo told us about his real age, Ron has been  on Mt. Romelo formerly called rather famously called Mt. Famy, since he was 16 years old and sometimes stay with Nanay Esther's house.That's why she knew a lot about Ron.

photo courtesy of Kuya Adolf
 Buruwisan Falls(where I experienced my first Rappelling Lesson)

First date with him on his birthday..Visiting 9  beautiful falls of Famy.Maybe Ron was that old that's why he knows how to take care of younger ones. He came from a buena familia but a rebelious son. That's why he prefer of being out of their house most of the time. Amazingly because he knows a lot of household chores doing it on the mountain.(He was a brat when he was at the city and even have his own nanny to do the task for him). But he serves to be my nanny on the mountain hahaha. Masarap sya kasama sa bundok maasikaso at madiskarte d k He was also my first rappelling instructor at Buruwisan Falls.

So good to share the F-I-R-S-T-S.. Though it somehow nakaka-kaba for what might be the present ones reaction on it but then, all of these stories has been someone's past and  we  can't do anything to change it. So enjoy reading pasts and care to join at...

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feRry'z WILL said...

kha, I've heard those people before from Jamir... ung soccer mo...

hehehe, pero di ko naisip na don mo ma experience ang First date mo..

anyway, why popoy.. eh si popoy eh...
hindi naman ako dinate ni kua Cris before eh...


rossel said...

wow, kakaibang first date, mountain climbing. para ka palang prinsesa pag sya kasama mo. mine is up too. happy GT!

kha said...

@ rossel tnx sa pagdaan actually d prinsesa lalaki ata..hehehe I will..

kha said...

@ nhe hahaha ganun ba un... matanong nga c kuya hehehehe..
uu c Jamir nasa Dubai n xa ngayon pero pauuwi xa this year baka by holy week maulit ulit..^^

K said...

wow. unconventional na date un a. pero ang cute! ;)

Btw, mine's here.

nuts said...

oh, exciting and thrilling ang first date at me trekking.. he's madiskarte naman pla when out of the house.

niko said...

aw. you had a great first date! i love falls and if i could change my past i would change the part of all my firsts :D seriously.

anyways, thanks for reading my blog from way back when, i read your recent post and i felt you were referring to me, past is past kha.. all is under the bridge now.. wink

thanks for joining GT. i was able to read ur first GT but was not able to leave comments.. am using prepaid smart :D naubusan na ko load hhaha

see u next week! and i have to say congrats for being so brave :) all details ka eh.. di ko keri yan haha

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