Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fast Recuperation

I felt so down and depressed recently, for the triumphs I have been with and never felt succeeded at all. These where the times I wanted to ask a big WHY to him. Why I am here, why do I suffer this stuffs, why until now?. In my realization my failures was little compared to others burden so I should not act like having a fallen faith. Instead I do have to make it more,strengthen more. As I see the things now again He left me a message to not cry over the spilled milk. Show me how good what I have. Show me the reasons I just need to learn. Emotionally I can't help it. I am just human, no matter how I tried to compose myself, to look at the positive side I still can feel so low. But I will try my best to overcome sadness. I have my lovely people around that helps me a lot. These means from today, for every successful and unsuccessful path given and will give, I will try my very best to never feel hopeless.

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